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Cruise Types

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From Ocean cruising to River cruising, European boating, Expeditions, Luxury cruising, specialist cruising and everything in between, we have it all.

Family Cruises

Cruising is an ideal holiday choice for both children and parents, and most cruise lines offer a vast range of supervised children’s activities.The children are well looked after with dedicated, age appropriate child and teen facilities offering hangouts and activities geared to the younger set, allowing adults time to relax and enjoy a fantastic holiday.

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Couples’ Cruises

Cruise ships provide the perfect setting for midnight walks under the stars, exotic ports, spa services and intimate dinner arrangements. Most ships provide different activities which all couples can enjoy. Some of these activities include spa and fitness centres, dance lessons, cooking demonstrations, art auctions and a variety of shore excursions to some of the most spectacular locations in the world. From a romantic weekend getaway to a wedding onboard, cruises are the ideal choice for couples of all ages.

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Singles’ Cruises

As a holiday option for singles look no further than cruising. Cruising is an ideal getaway for sol cruisers offering you the opportunity to meet new friends and see new sights every day. Some cruise lines offer singles parties as a way to introduce you to other singles onboard and there are plenty of activities geared to get you mingling.

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Seniors Cruises

As a senior citizen you have your pick of holiday choices and a cruise should be top of your list. Cruising is ideal for seniors for many reasons. Cruising is an all-inclusive vacation with all costs known in advance. This gives you the choice to budget according to your means and have a hassle-free relaxing holiday at the same time. Passengers need to only pack and unpack once, yet each day you wake up to a new horizon. Most ships include modern medical facilities that are capable of handling life-threatening emergencies. Cruises also offer a range of activities from movies to shows to gambling that are sure to make a cruise a memorable and exciting experience .

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World Cruises

With choices ranging from intimate yacht-like vessels with as few as 50 passengers, to massive mega ships stretching longer than three soccer fields and carrying more than 5000 people, choosing the right cruise has never been easier now that Cruiseabout is in the market. Regardless of physical dimensions, all cruise ships offer the same ingredients: accommodation, entertainment, activities, and abundance of good food, service and exciting ports of call.

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Luxury Cruises

The ultimate cruise experience that takes service to a new level is the luxury cruise. A luxury liner is a floating resort filled with everything your heart desires. Expect to enjoy spacious surroundings, art collections, impeccable service, attention to detail, quality bed linens, onboard enrichment programmes and cuisine fit for a king. Luxury cruise lines have a very high crew-to-passenger ration so your needs will be attended to in double time.

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A river cruise or barging holiday will have you taking in the sights and sound of the major rivers, lakes and canals of Europe, Russia, Egypt, Vietnam and China. And a river ship is much smaller than a cruise liner, which means a much more intimate experience. While a barge cruise allows you to explore ‘off-the-beaten-path’. By following the waterways a river cruise or barge experience allows you to see a country up close and personal from the deck. Making them a sightseer’s dream.

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If the freezing environs of Antarctica or the evolution-inspiring islands of the Galapagos are on your personal travel list then an expedition or adventure cruise should be where you are setting your sights. Adventure and small ship cruise lines allow you to experience life under billowing sails, taking part in scientific expeditions, meandering through some to the top rivers of the world or the opportunity to participate in unique seminars and experiences.

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Just off the coast of South Africa cruise goers have the opportunity to enjoy the Indian Ocean from Cape Town all the way up to Mozambique and Mauritius onboard the liners operated Starlight Cruises.

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