15 Clever Ways To Save Money On Your Cruise

15 Clever Ways To Save Money On Your Cruise

15 Clever Ways To Save Money On Your Cruise

18 July 2018

Looking for some insider tips to save on your next cruise? Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned cruiser, these smart money-saving ideas will help you cut down on spending and avoid any unexpected extra costs along the way.


1.Book the inside cabin

Experienced travellers will know that much of your time on board is spent lounging around the pool, dining at restaurants, taking part in fun activities, and exploring onshore. So there’s no real need to spend a fortune on a room with a view. Save your extra cash for more excursions and sight-seeing instead.


2.Pack light

Baggage fees can add up quickly. Pack smart and bring only what you really need on board. If you need to do laundry, skip the on-board service and find a much more affordable local laundromat at your port of call. Or bring along some laundry soap and give items a quick wash in your bathroom sink.


3.Keep cash handy

You may find times where a credit card won’t work (some local establishments take cash only). So bring enough cash with before you set sail. Avoid drawing money from the ship’s ATM machine. The fees are generally high and you’ll lose out on every transaction.


4.Book your own onshore excursions

Booking your onshore excursions through the cruise ship is easier and more convenient, but it can also be more expensive. Rather book your own excursions at local travel companies at port – it’s cheaper and you’ll likely get a much more authentic experience.


5.Avoid the sales pitch

From relaxing wellness centres and beauty salons to fitness classes, cooking courses and more, most cruise liners offer a range of fantastic activities and experiences on board. At the end of these experiences you might be encouraged to buy a number of products relating to the activity. Unless you really do want to purchase some, it’s perfectly acceptable to politely decline and save your money instead.


6.Get disconnected

Mobile phone roaming charges and on-board WiFi data can be exorbitant. Why not unplug your devices and simply enjoy your cruise without distractions? Let friends and family know beforehand that you’ll be offline for a while. If you’re travelling for a long period, buy a local SIM card or check your email from internet cafés at port.


7.Think about your drinks

Drinks packages can be very tempting. But before you purchase one that provides a set number of alcoholic drinks per day, give some thought to whether you’ll actually be drinking enough to make it worthwhile. Especially since complimentary drinks such as water, juice and tea are usually on offer. If not, skip the package and simply by a drinks as you go.


8.Dine on the ship

Your meals on board the ship are included, so make the most of them. Even when you’re docked at port, stay on board and enjoy the gourmet dining that most cruise ships are renowned for. Onshore you may end up paying tourist prices at any restaurant within walking distance of the port. You could always pop out for a night cap at a local bar if you want a taste of local nightlife.


9.Skip the specialty restaurants

Cruise ships generally offer spectacular buffet spreads in their dining venues. However, there are also a number of 5-star gourmet restaurant options too. These generally aren’t included in your package though, so it’s best to steer clear (or at least set a limit to how many times you’re willing to splurge).


10.Save your wine for later

If you’d like wine with your meal, it’s often cheaper to buy the whole bottle than by the glass. If you’re concerned about not being able to finish it, simply ask your water to cork the bottle and keep it for the following evening. Some cruise liners even allow you to bring up to two bottles of your own wine on board. Be sure to check with them beforehand.


11.Bring your own movies

If you love movies (or have children who do), taking advantage of the movies on demand service may seem appealing. However, since each movie is charged for separately, the costs can add up quickly. Plan ahead and download some movies onto your laptop or smart device at home before leaving for your trip.


12.Time your spa sessions

If you’d like to treat yourself to a spa session, be sure to book it during port time. Prices can be reduced by as much as 30%, so you can be pampered for a fraction of the cost.


13.Give Lady Luck the cold shoulder

While most cruise ships have casinos on board, gambling is a bad idea if you’re looking to cut down on costs. Skip the casino entirely and enjoy one of the many exciting on-board activities to get your adrenaline fix instead.


14.Avoid over tipping

In many cases, gratuities are automatically added to your bill at the end of the cruise. This can come as a rather unpleasant surprise, especially if you’ve already been tipping staff in cash during your trip.


15.Be your own photographer

Of course you’ll want to take photos of your holiday as a reminder of the wonderful time you had. But don’t get lured into paying for a professional on-board photographer or designated photo booths. Instead, nominate a different person in your group each day to be the photographer. That way everyone gets included in the photos and you won’t miss a thing.


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