5 reasons why more people are cruising solo in 2020


5 reasons why more people are cruising solo in 2020

17 February 2020

Cruising solo is catching on and it’s easy to see why. Safe, fully catered, super social, cost-effective and fun, it’s no wonder everyone’s choosing to go their own way.


1. Meeting people is easy

You might be travelling solo, but you definitely won’t be lonely. Expect to be surrounded by like-minded travellers who are just as excited to explore the world by sea as you are. Take part in fun group activities, attend interesting lectures, go to themed parties, join a planned excursion, or simply strike up a conversation at one of the many pubs, clubs and entertainment areas onboard. You’ll be making life-long friends before you know it!

Meeting people is easy


2. It's much more affordable than you think

A cruise holiday is far easier to budget for than any other type of travel. You know in advance what your transport, accommodation, meals, excursions and special amenities are going to cost, so you can stay within budget. For those worried about the so-called ‘single supplement’, there’s good news! Many cruise lines have started catering specifically to solo travellers, and offer single staterooms too.

More affordable than you think
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3. It’s all sorted

The real beauty of a cruise holiday is that every single thing is taken care of for you. No wondering where to go, what route to take or ports to stop at. Everything from your itinerary and accommodation to dining, entertainment, excursions and activities is taken care of. All you need to do is take it easy and enjoy the journey.

Its all included


4. Exploring is stress-free

Wandering around a new city all alone isn’t for everyone. If you’d prefer some company while out and about, you’re in luck. Cruise lines are renowned for arranging exciting excursions in and around each port, complete with local guides who speak the language. You’ll never get lost and you’ll have plenty of fellow cruisers to share all the new experiences with.

exploring is stress free
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5. It’s completely safe

Your cruise ship is fully crewed by highly experienced staff who are trained to take care of all passengers. There will also be many fellow travellers on board to keep an eye out. The cruise liner itself is kitted out with all the modern safety features, as well as on-site medical facilities in case of an emergency.

Safe way to travel solo

Discover the joys of solo travelling today!


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