Benefits on an Inside Cabin

Posted February 14th, 2018

Booking an inside cabin because of budget restraints, a personal preference, or because you don’t plan on being in the cabin that much anyway, does come with a few benefits and advantages. Besides the budget beating aspects of an inside cabin, they are also generally more stable than exterior cabins, which makes them great for those who get a bit queasy at sea. You’ll also be forced to get out there and make the most of what the ship has to offer.

Budget beating inside cabins

One of the biggest advantages to booking an interior room on your next cruise holiday is so that you can have more cash to splurge on other exciting things. Take an extra shore excursion, dine out more often when on land or buy that life-size ornament from a tropical island to take home with you. You will definitely be saving when you choose to move inside the Cruise ship, instead of booking an exterior room.

Stability can be found in the interior cabins

The most stable area of the ship is as low down as possible and as close to the centre as you can get. This is why interior rooms are commonly considered to be more stable. This is the only place to be if you are worried about sea-sickness, or if you prefer less rocking in your bed while you’re trying to sleep at night.

Outside vs inside cabin sizes

You will have to consider whether there really is a huge difference between your choices of outside or inside cabins. Many rooms in a similar class may be exactly the same size with an added balcony which fits a small chair or two, or even just a port hole to look out of.

Do you really need a balcony?

The other thing to consider, is do you really need a balcony? Yes it’s nice to have, but how much time do you plan on spending in your cabin anyway? If you want a sea breeze for 5 minutes while you change to go out again after a day at the pool, it may be an expensive accessory you didn’t actually need. If however, you plan on spending more quiet time in your own cabin with your loved one, then it may be something to consider.

You’re on a cruise to have fun

By booking yourself an interior cabin, you may be forced to get out and about more. Inside cabins are generally very basic with just the necessary amenities. Outside the door of you cabin however, there are loads of exciting things to see and do, both day and night.

So, weigh up the pros and cons for yourself before booking your next cruise holiday as both have benefits, but an inside cabin is not necessarily the worst decision. Yes, an outside cabin can be very nice, but is it something you really need to have? Speak to your Cruiseabout consultant to find out more about which cabin will be best for you! Here are some our our best cruise deals to get you started

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