Best places to relax on a cruise ship

Posted May 23rd, 2016

Best places to relax on a cruise ship

A cruise ship offers the whole family an exciting holiday with loads to do, from casino’s to kids clubs, water parks to spa’s, and exciting dining options to libraries and lounges. But you may be wondering where the best places are on a cruise ship where you can have a little alone time to just relax and unwind, away from the hustle and bustle. As a matter of fact, there are quite a few options you have on most cruise ships.

Spa Treatment

The most obvious place to get away from it all is the spa facilities, where you can unwind in peaceful serenity and enjoy being pampered for the day. Have a hot stone massage, a facial, maybe a manicure before unwinding in the sauna. Whatever your favourite treatment is, the spa is a great way to escape the excitement on-board.

Adult only areas

A trend that is taking off in the cruise industry is for ships to feature adult only areas. Usually you will find that they are a quieter retreat than the main pool areas, and you can relax on a lounger or in a hammock without a group of excitable kids having a ball. Evidently these areas can be busy, but will be more relaxed than the main decks and pools.

Your cabin

If you’ve booked a standard in-door cabin, you may not feel the urge to spend too much time relaxing in it. Although what can be better than a peaceful afternoon nap? If you book a balcony cabin, or one of the suites, you can sit on your balcony in peace and read a book, enjoy a meal, or simply enjoy the endless ocean views.

Secret decks

Before you leave on your cruise holiday, or even during it, take a look at the deck plans and you may be surprised to find there are a few decks on board which are a little bit more secluded than the main entertainment areas. This is where you can enjoy a little sun and unwind in peace as the ocean slips beneath the hull of your luxurious cruise ship.

Up and away

Explore a bit and see what you can find. The further up and away you get from the main decks and entertainment areas, the less crowded you will find it. Think about it, a cruise ship is a massive vessel, which means there is loads of space to use if you want to get away from it all. Check out the upper decks, and the decks towards the back of the ship for a calmer cruising experience.

Libraries & Lounges

Sit next to a big bay window and read a book as the sun gently streams in, and offers a comforting feeling of serenity, or explore the ship’s library for a unique find. Many cruise ships offer comfortable, peaceful lounges where you can enjoy an afternoon cup of tea, while the libraries are there for guests to relax and make use of the collection of books on offer.

With such an expansive area available to guests on a cruise ship, there is no shortage of things to do, whether you want excitement and activity, or peace, quiet and relaxation. So speak to your Cruiseabout Consultant today to book your next cruise holiday!



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