Bucket List-Worthy Local Cruises

Bucket List-Worthy Local Cruises

Bucket List-Worthy Local Cruises

26 March 2018

While we might say that one of the best things about a local cruise is the fact that it’s closer to home and sometimes more affordable or quicker to plan, the truth is no place in the world matches the beauty of Africa or the Indian and Atlantic Oceans. So, travelling in and around this glorious continent doesn’t have to be for any reason other than it’s beautiful. Everything else that comes with a local cruise is a bonus: local cruises are often convenient when it comes to their duration and tend to be more affordable (all this against the backdrop of African skies). Here are the destinations you can look forward to seeing on a local cruise.

Cruise South Africa’s Coast
Whether you cruise to each one or select a cruise that covers all three, Durban, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth are all exceptional coastal cities worth visiting. Choose from two, three and four night packages that either take you from port-to-port or from your city of choice to “nowhere” and back again. All of the cruises heading to these destinations make use of the remarkable MSC Musica, a state-of-the-art, ecologically friendly cruise ship. MSC Musica boasts incredible dining options that range from Italian gourmet specialties to fresh seafood. Families will enjoy the host of family-friendly activities along with the indoor and outdoor play amenities and the Kids and Teens Clubs. The MSC Musica alone is a bucket list-worthy reason to try one of our local cruises if you’re looking for a quick getaway.

Explore Mozambican Waters
Mozambique itself, along with the surrounding Portuguese Island, Pomene and Maputo Bay area are breathtaking too. Maputo offers a great deal of local activities to keep you busy when you’re on land, these include the Maputo City Tour Circuits, nightlife spots, Inhaca Island, the Maputo Elephant Reserve and the Swaziland Cultural Experience, to name a few, while local sights and attractions include The Fort, Jardim dos Namorados and walking tours. Portuguese Island is a small, evocative beach destination that looks as though it comes straight out of a scene in a postcard. Its beaches are powdery white and its waters crystal-clear. Enjoy access to the MSC Beach Lounge, an exclusive stretch of beach where you can tan the day away while sipping on cocktails, and revel in the opportunity to dolphin watch on an exciting excursion.

Take on the Atlantic and Indian Oceans
If you’re not exploring the coast of South Africa or our neighbours’ towns over in Mozambique, there are a number of other exquisite local destinations to visit. Namibia and the Indian Ocean Islands are just waiting to be explored by you. When it comes to Namibia, imagine the contrasting site of the Namib desert’s red, towering dunes and the dark blue rolling waves of the Atlantic Ocean—it’s a sight to behold and one you can enjoy from the MSC Musica. The Indian Ocean Islands cruise takes travellers to Mauritius and Reunion Island, where they can enjoy the vibrancy of Port Louis in Mauritius and the unbeatable landscapes of Reunion Island (few places in the world feature the black, ashy shores that Reunion boasts along with its white, powdery ones). Both of these phenomenal islands deliver not only when it comes to relaxation and breathtaking scenery, but also exceptional cuisine and warm, vibrant locals to greet you as you step off of your cruise and explore your new surrounds.

Local cruises depart from Cape Town and Durban; if you’re looking to live la vida localcontact one of our Cruise Experts today and find out about the incredible Local Cruise packages that are ready and waiting for you.

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