5 questions you should ask when booking a cruise holiday

Posted November 11th, 2015

There are literally thousands of cruise holidays around the world for you to choose from and which are provided by a number of different cruise lines with different options. Each cruise line has unique features, on-board activities, destinations, and accommodation options. So what is the best way to go about choosing the perfect cruise holiday?

  1. How do I choose a cruise?

    The type of cruise holiday you will ultimately decide on will depend on whether or not the destination is the focus of your cruise, or if you simply want to relax, unwind and have as much fun as possible with a bit of time on a white sandy beach, for example. There are cruises which travel to exotic and fascinating destinations around the world, and there are cruises a little closer to home, which could take you up and down the coast and let you hop off the ship for a bit of extra rest and relaxation on a beautiful island beach.

    So decide what you want to see and do when you dock in port, and then start looking at the various cruise lines and their destinations. You may have a time constraint or may be working on a bit of a budget, so take this into consideration as well, when choosing your cruise line and cruise itinerary.
  2. Where should I cruise to?

    Where you decide to cruise will be influenced by your budget, your available time, and of course where in the world your dream destination is located. You could take a river cruise through the country side of Europe, visiting majestic castles and quaint villages, or wind your way through the Norwegian Fjords or Alaskan wilderness to enjoy whale sightings, the Northern Lights, and natural scenery that will take your breath away.

    The world is your oyster when you decide to take a cruise holiday. If you’re looking for warmer climes, why not explore the beautiful Caribbean with its tropical weather, white sandy beaches, coconuts and palm trees? Or you could discover the wonder of Asia with its fascinating cultures, delicious food, unique scenery, beautiful beaches and friendly people.
  3. What type of accommodation is available on-board?

    Cruise accommodation varies from ship to ship, however there are a few industry standards with which you can use to start your research on exactly which room to choose. On board a cruise ship, the rooms are called cabins, and are otherwise referred to as staterooms. You will generally find standard indoor cabins, outside cabins with a window, outside cabins with a balcony, and suites which are generally larger rooms and include extra lounge areas, a larger veranda and extra amenities and perks

    The questions you need to answer are, how long is your cruise going to be for, and how much time do you actually intend on spending in your cabin? With so many incredible activities and amenities on board most cruise ships, many people would only use their cabins to catch some sleep, however others would prefer to spend a little alone time enjoying the views from their cabins balcony. Ultimately, it all depends on your budget and the levels of luxury you would like to enjoy..
  4. What should I know about being safe on-board a cruise ship?

    The most common rule for safety in any situation is to use your common sense. If something feels wrong or unsafe, it probably is. Use your common sense on board and everything should be ok. When on board a cruise ship you will be required to attend a safety drill and to practice procedures in the case of an emergency. Don’t worry though, this is a quick exercise and is usually only done once. Make sure you participate and take notice of any information or tips given by the crew. Your life-jacket is usually placed in your room somewhere, so make sure you try it on and make sure that it fits properly. You would also do well to find the escape routes from your cabin, and to know where certain things are on the ship in relation to each other.
  5. What else can I expect on-board?

    There is an amazing sense of comradery and friendship on board most cruises. People mingle freely and it is a great way to meet new friends. A cruise ship is like a big floating city, so there is a fair amount of hustle and bustle. Cruise lines have created ships however, that offer its guests the perfect facilities to relax and unwind with a bit of quiet time as well.

    Depending on your cruise ship and type of cruise, you can expect loads of fun for every type of cruiser, both young and old. There are also fitness facilities, casinos, theatres, cinemas, fun parks, shopping facilities, restaurants and bars.

    Start by thinking about exactly what you want to get out of your cruise holiday and then select the cruise ship and destination which will best fulfil your dream cruise. There really are so many to choose from, but take a look at the Cruiseabout website as a great place to start, and then speak to your Cruiseabout consultant for further details.



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