Romantic cruises for the festive season

Romantic cruises for the festive season

Posted August 25th, 2017

Ignite your relationship with a cruise holiday filled with dreamy experiences that you can cherish forever. You’ll love the magnificent scenery no matter where you go, as a cruise holiday is undeniably the best way to enjoy amazing sea views, spectacular coastlines, and charismatic destinations which will inspire love and romance.

The best cruise lines for a romantic experience

Certain cruise lines will appeal to couples more than others, as they place a lot of emphasis on ensuring you are able to have the romantic experience you are looking for. Three of the best include, Princess Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Lines, and Celebrity Cruises.

These cruise lines specifically offer facilities for you and your loved one to enjoy intimate and exciting moments together. Depending on the cruise line, you can dine at a table for two on the ship’s balconies, enjoy a couple’s massage on the exclusive sun deck or cuddle up on bean-bags for movies under the stars.

It’s all in the cabin

The beauty about some of the ships in these cruise lines is that they offer more suites than most. What could be better than a private breakfast on your balcony as you admire the endless sea view, or enjoy your private suite, that is situated away from the other cabins?

Norwegian cruise Lines offer Haven suites, which include the courtyard penthouses and garden villas, while on Princess Cruises you can enjoy the additional sitting areas, big balconies and walk-in closets in their suites. On Celebrity, the suites vary in size from 27 to 150 square meters and offer extras like baby grand piano’s, big balconies and even Jacuzzi style tubs.

Itineraries for romance

Think out of the box and choose an itinerary that will visit uniquely romantic destinations. Perhaps, you want the chance to stroll along a deserted beach every night, or maybe you’d like to hike to the top of a mountain to catch the sunrise, what about dining on world class cuisine surrounded by the most beautiful scenery you can imagine?

Keep in mind that every destination you could visit will have its peak, mid, and low periods. So depending on what kind of holiday you want, you will need to book accordingly.

Extra special on board amenities

Before you book your cruise, do a little research to find out what additional amenities are available that will make your romantic holiday extra special. Things like adult only pools with double sun-loungers, possibilities of couples massages and spa treatments, exclusive areas on the ship for dinners, picnics, and restaurants that will facilitate special requests and dinners for two.

You’ll definitely also want to make use of room-service, breakfast for two on your balcony, and gala evenings while on-board.

Romance on shore

No matter where you go on your romantic cruise holiday, there will always be the possibility of sharing an exciting activity or two. Whether it’s a horse ride along the beach, a cable car trip up a mountain, a snorkelling trip to a beautiful reef or a dining experience like no other, there is something to set everyone’s heart racing.

If it’s romance you are looking for, a cruise holiday is most definitely one of the best ways to achieve this goal. From luxurious suites, to breath-taking moments on board, to exploring fascinating destinations together, a cruise holiday is possibly the romantic thing you can do for your loved one. So speak to your Cruiseabout Consultant on 0877405065, find out more about making your next cruise the most romantic experience you’ve ever had! You can also look at our amazing cruise deals for your getaway

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