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Posted December 20th, 2016

Cruise experiences – our top 5 most underrated experiences

A cruise holiday gives you the opportunity to be whisked away on a magnificent floating hotel to exotic and far off destinations. Of course the perks of a cruise are that you get to enjoy the on-board entertainment and facilities, as well as visit the destinations of your dreams.

But what about those underrated cruise experiences, the ones that are not often mentioned when talking about cruise holidays?

Balcony Cabins

You will naturally pay more for an outside cabin than you would for an indoor one, but the benefits can be pretty profound. Imagine waking up every morning to a different sea view, one day you may wake up and see the cliffs of Livorno with its pastel coloured houses, and on another, the breath-taking shoreline of Corfu.

With a balcony cabin you have some private time to soak up the atmosphere, breathe in the sea air and enjoy the views all to yourself. 

Taking it easy

A cruise doesn’t need to be a hustle and bustle kind of holiday, there are loads of opportunities to relax, unwind and let life float on by. Seek out the quieter decks on the ship, grab a book and sit in the library or sun room (if there is one), enjoy a day at the spa or spend the whole day lounging at the pool with nothing to occupy your mind except the thought of where you will be having lunch.

Have the ship to yourself

When the ship docks in port, it may be the perfect opportunity to have the ship all to yourself. Everyone else is rushing around to see and do as much as possible, and that is fantastic, but sometimes we just want to take it easy. You can also enjoy the lack of queues, the empty lounges, and the discounts at the spa and other facilities.

Exploring the ship

You are on a magnificent vessel, a feat of engineering that weighs thousands of tons and floats you across the sea. Think like a child again, grab a map of the ship and set off to explore. Many ships have a good number of decks, each one catering for different things, so head out and see what you can find.

Thinking of the ship as a mobile hotel

When you cruise, think about exploring and visiting the same ports and places, but doing it on land and under your own steam. Sounds like a lot of hard work, doesn’t it? When you are on a cruise line, your hotel is essentially floating you to your destinations and leaves you without a care in the world.

There’s no need to book hotels, unpack and repack, worry about whether or not you have your passport and travellers cheques, or fret over how you are going to make it to the next city in time for the day tour you booked online a month ago. A cruise holiday makes for fantastic peace of mind, when you consider the alternative.

 There’s a lot more to a cruise holiday than most people think, and there are hundreds of unique opportunities and experiences waiting for you. These are only 5 of the most underrated experiences you can look forward to on your next cruise holiday. So speak to your Cruiseabout Consultant today and get cruising in 2017!

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