Cruise Locations for Your Bucket List - Alaska

Posted June 1st, 2014
Alaska provides some of the most pristine natural landscapes in the world. From enormous glaciers to grizzly bears, whales, and spectacular fjords that will take your breath away. Inhabited by local indigenous people for thousands of years, Alaska was eventually purchased from Russia in 1867 and was only recognised as an American state in 1959.
Alaskan cuisine is made up of some truly unique local delicacies and flavours from its natural environment. You’ll find yourself indulging in cold water seafood, game meat such as caribou, Moose and even bear. Alaskan berries are some of the best in the world, tasting sweeter and more delicious than the average berries we have access to at home. Alaskan Salmon is some of the finest in the world and is served in many different forms, from smoked to cured and even sweetened Indian Salmon Candy. If you’re a fan of eating crab, well then Alaska is the place for you. The Alaskan king crab is tasty and they’re not called king crabs for nothing '“ They’re massive! If you have the chance, try out the Eskimo ice-cream.Traditionally made by whipping the fat taken from seal, deer or bear meat and then finished off by adding snow and wild berries. Try it out and you’ll be pleasantly surprised!
Stopping at ports such as Skagway, Ketchikan and Juneau to name but a few, you will have the opportunity to watch grizzlys hunting salmon at Tongaas National Museum, enjoy the thrill of a glacier rafting or sea kayaking tour, go whale watching, hiking, dogsledding or enjoy the thrills and incredible views with a helicopter tour. There are a number of authentic, local shops to do a bit of shopping and pick up some local souvenirsat each port. Another great way to spend your day is by checking out the museums, architecture and gold rush tours offered in the ports that you visit.
The primary inflow of Glacier Bay is the Pacific Ocean. It was designated as the Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve in 1980. The bay is made up of thousands of branches, inlets and lagoons that offer a truly wondrous visual surprise for its visitors. The bay has regulations on the number of ships that are allowed to enter the area, making it a unique and very special place to visit.
The Inside passage of Alaska, is home to fantastic ocean wildlife and natural beauty. The Fjords and inlets we explore will delight your senses, with the possibility of orca or humpback whale sightings. The Alaskan portion of the passage extends from Ketchikan in the south to Skagway in the North. This area forms part of the South Western tip of Alaska, bordering with Canada.
Alaska is a truly spectacular part of the world. The scenery is mind blowing, the history is tumultuous, and the adventure unforgettable. Your cruise to this unique American state will be one you will never forget. Make sure you bring extra heart with you, because you’re sure to leave some behind once you’ve left.

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