Cruise locations for your bucket list - Arctic

Posted August 27th, 2014

Time Stands Still in this Fantasy Land of Ice and Snow

The Arctic is a region of snow and ice, and is possibly the purest form of silent tranquillity you can find. Its beauty and attraction lies in that which also prevents many people from living in the region. One of the splendid wonders of cruising to this part of the world is the midnight sun, which can be experienced during the regions ‘summer’ period. This is when the sun is still visible at local midnight time and usually shines for 24 hours during the period of the summer solstice.

Cruises are generally centred on Iceland, Spitsbergen or Greenland. As you stand on-deck, the fresh wind caressing your cheeks, as if mother-nature herself was kissing your face, you stare out at the vast horizon of mountainous snow-capped peaks and icebergs. The deep blue icy water below you slapping against the ship’s hull as your vessel transports you through the channels of this crystal-white fantasy land. Your senses are heightened, your excitement rises and yet at the same time your mind will feel tranquillity like never before.

The Icy Peaks of Greenland

Greenland is in fact not all that green. Visiting this area of natural wonder, you will be exposed to a world of immense beauty unlike anything you’ve seen before. 85% of Greenland lies below an icecap and because of this, offers experiences and activities that will make for a totally unique cruise holiday. Depending on your itinerary, you may have the chance to experience the unique activity of dog sledding. If you’re lucky enough to spend a bit of time admiring the Northern Lights, you will truly feel as if you are one in a million to have had the fantastic opportunity. Another aspect of this amazing place is the opportunity to spot whales. Spotting these colossal giants of the deep is a real treat and will leave you with a warm feeling of excitement, and certainly a different view of the world below the ocean.

Marvellous & Miraculous! This is Iceland.

Iceland is a Nordic country which has wide open landscapes, mountain peaks, and offers its visitors discoveries of exceptional natural beauty. You’ll keep pinching yourself to ensure you’re not dreaming as your eyes scan the magnificence of your surroundings. 

Depending on your itinerary plan, you may be able to take in a hike and delve a little deeper into the splendour of this natural haven. Other activities include, ice climbing, cycling, caving, bird watching, whale watching and of course if you are there at the right time, you may get the opportunity to experience the Northern Lights dancing and shimmering just for you. 

If you’d rather relax and take it easy, you will be able to spend a few lazy hours in one of the spas, hot springs or geo-thermal pools. As awkward as it seems sitting in a wonderful warm pool of water while the surrounding peaks and ground have ice and snow on them, this is what it’s all about! The culture of Iceland will also not disappoint, with plenty of artistic festivals, fantastic dining and great shopping to enjoy as well.

Test Your Adventurous Spirit in Spitsbergen.

Spitsbergen is an island of the Svalbard archipelago in Norway and is the only island to have permanent inhabitants. It’s a place abound with history, industry and exploration. 

Year round there are excursions and activities, which include things like snow-mobile safaris where you may come across polar bears, reindeer, walrus and more. There may even be an opportunity for you to enjoy a dog sledding trip and experience what it must have been like for millions of people to rely on this source of transport. Something else you may want to add to your list of activities could be an ice-cave tour or a fossil hunt with pack dogs. As it’s an island, there are plenty of boat tours on offer as well. Basically, decide what you would like to see and then pick a tour. You may have the opportunity to go on a glacier safari, negotiate a number of hiking trails and even head off for a bit of hunting, if that’s your thing.

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