Cruise trends show the cruise market is changing

Cruise trends show the cruise market is changing

Posted August 28th, 2017

Opting for a cruise holiday is not only convenient and cost-effective but more popular than ever.

Traditionally, the cruise market was a 50-plus passenger age demographic, but with modern cruise liners' vast array of contemporary services and amenities they now attract a whole new age group.

From young singles and families to those taking to the high seas in search of love and romance, the outlook for the cruise industry in 2017 and beyond is looking consistently strong.

So, who is cruising nowadays and how are cruise liners meeting the expectations and requirements of these varied passengers?

Young singles

The natural socialising onboard and the opportunity to meet new people - inherent to cruises - is becoming appealing to travellers of all ages. However, the trendy onboard amenities such as vibey nightclubs, bars, cocktail lounges and even themed parties, mean cruises are increasingly appealing to the Millenial ‘crew’. Cruises offer the perfect blend of travel and partying, while allowing youngsters to party in safety and comfort, not needing to catch a taxi home from the night’s festivity while staying in a foreign city.


Anyone with children can vouch for the fact that a family holiday without organised kid’s entertainment and activities is no holiday at all. Whether it’s a toddler seeking the thrill of an exciting playzone, or a teenager looking to watch a movie or hangout at the pool, modern day cruise liners offer families access to travel with the added benefits of built-in fun. The array of restaurants onboard cater for diner-style family friendly food like burgers and pizza, but offer exclusive dining for the adults.

Singles and couples looking for romance

Contemporary chic cabin environments, spas, and endless romantic dinner options, what more could anyone looking to spice up their love life need? In addition, the willingness of most cruise staff to accommodate special requests means passengers have access to any number of romantic options in order to woo that special person or celebrate a notable occasion.


Once your children have left the nest, it’s the perfect opportunity to travel and see the world while also enjoying the company of long standing friendships, and meeting like-minded travellers. Access to fine dining and top services and amenities, together with the convenience of scenic travel and many international cruises to choose from, makes cruising an ever-popular choice for people over 50.

Modern cruise packages offer something for just about anyone, and with December almost upon us why not opt for a spectacular cruise holiday this festive period. To see the vast array of modern cruise deals, departing from South African shores or further afield you can head over to our website and enquire about your dream cruise

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