Cruise from Venice

Posted April 30th, 2014

If your cruise involves a visit to Venice, well then you're in for a truly unique European cultural treat. There are so many unbelievable sights and things to do in Venice. Enjoy any number of spectacular museums, town squares and marvellous canals lined with beautiful old buildings, which create Gondola highways for you to explore. There are countless markets and a vast range of delicious food options, from the typically Italian, to the uniquely Venetian.


  • Visit the drawing room of Europe (as once referred to by Napoleon) - Piazza San Marco which offers some of Venice’s top attractions, such as Doge’s Palace and Torre dell’ Orologio, which is an enchanting clock tower, built between 1496 and 1506.Venice has been home to some of the most famous artists through the centuries, so visit the exhibits, or take your pick from a number of enticing museums, all beautifully displaying the history, art, culture and architecture of Venice.

  • Enjoy a sundowner drink while surveying the city below you. If you have time, visit the Hilton hotel and make your way to the Skyline bar. From this vantage point you’ll enjoy incredible views of the setting sun over Venice, as if there wasn’t enough romance and splendour offered by this city already. Although quite expensive, the views should more than compensate.
  • Try uniquely Venetian cuisine at one of the many fabulous restaurants waiting to welcome you in. You’ll find dishes such as lagoon fish in saor, polenta and lagoon shrimp, and sarde in soar along with a number of other fabulous and unique Venetian offerings.

  • Veneto is one of Italy’s strongest wine growing areas. So you’ll definitely want to treat yourself to a glass (or two) of the gorgeous wine on offer from this region. Find a scenic and beautiful restaurant in the heart of the city, sip on a glass of luscious local wine, and relax, as Venice passes you by.

  • If you’re visiting Venice and you have time, a Gondola ride is definitely a must. You’ve seen the pictures and movies and heard all the stories about how romantic it is to be ushered through the canals of Venice, well now it’s your turn. This is a great way to enjoy a different perspective of Venice, and todiscover the sense of romance that this city is so famous for.


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