Cruiseabout launches world-first concept: swim to your ship and save

Posted March 31st, 2017

At Cruiseabout we pride ourselves on our amazing product offerings and our innovative thinking – which have led to a cost-saving idea that will not only benefit our clients, but add a twist to their ocean-going experiences.


It’s no secret that ships making use of any of the world’s ports are required to pay increasingly steep docking taxes, which inevitably affects cruise passengers’ pockets. So what if our ships chose not to enter certain ports, but rather simply laid anchor outside? And waited for passengers to make their own way to the ship from the port?


We posed this challenge to our bright young minds and they came up with a solution that we think is brilliant – and we hope you do too! (Their idea was inspired to a large extent by the successful 7 500km transatlantic crossing by South African surfer Chris Bertish last month. Bertish single-handedly paddled his customised stand-up paddleboard over the open ocean from Morocco in North Africa to Antigua’s English Harbour in the West Indies – over 93 days.)


Welcome to WAVE – Water-Assisted Vessel Embarkation – our unique, value-add proposition available to all Cruiseabout passengers from April 2017.


“We are excited and optimistic about the launch of WAVE, a novel concept that presents Cruiseabout passengers with three unique and exciting boarding options that defy conventional embarkation,” says Cruiseabout marketing manager Joe Curr.


The three WAVE options that can be selected during the online booking process include: quick IRB access for the less sprightly, children and the more cautious traveller; a paddle-out option aimed at kayakers and Dusi lovers; and for the super-fit triathlete types, a “channel swim”.


“Each Cruiseabout vessel has a water-level access point that will remain operational during designated WAVE periods – weather-permitting, of course!” says Cruiseabout research and development head Sol T Water.


For those unfamiliar with an IRB, it’s one of those super-fast red-and-yellow rescue craft used at popular swimming beaches throughout South Africa. All that is required is to don a life jacket (provided) and enjoy an exhilarating trip to your ship.


The paddle-out option is just that: you can use your own paddle-ski, kayak or stand-up paddleboard from shore to ship. Life jackets are mandatory and the route will be clearly demarcated by flotation devices and manned by Cruiseabout personnel.


The swim option is only for the seriously fit, so medical certificates and proof of competency are a prerequisite.


“Since we don’t want our passengers swimming into container ships or being caught up in fishing nets, options two and three will commence in the late afternoon, when commercial shipping operations are at a minimum,” said Curr.


Points of departure, transportation of flotation devices, disclaimer information, luggage transfer arrangements and the myriad other questions likely to emanate from this announcement may be emailed to wecandreamcantwe@sea.


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