Cruising East or West! The Mediterranean in a nutshell!

Posted October 15th, 2014

Cruising the Mediterranean opens up a world of opportunities to experience some of the major nations of Europe that have heavily contributed to the world’s history. Both sides of the Med are scenic and beautiful, but both have their own unique charm to offer visitors. Basically, if you picture the boot of Italy on a map, imagine it as a basic dividing line between the cruise destinations of the east and western Mediterranean. On the western side you have destinations like Spain, France, Italy and Tunisia, while on the eastern side of the Med you’ll find destinations like Greece, Turkey, Egypt and the Adriatic Coast.

The Eastern Mediterranean

Cruising the eastern side of the Med, you’ll love the sights and scenes of the blue roofs and white washed walls of the Greek coastal towns rising high above the sea on the cliffs of the Greek coast, the wild and rugged Turkish coastline, and the amazing beauty of the towns dotted along the Adriatic coast. The Eastern Mediterranean has a very different culture and a vastly different history to the West. With an amalgamation of influences from Europe, the Middle East and Northern Africa, a cruise to the Eastern Mediterranean offers a contrasting experience to the Western Mediterranean.

The Western Mediterranean

Basically the scope of destinations on this side of the Med starts on the Western Coast of Italy, and covers the lavish French Riviera, the scenic Spanish coastline, the historical African north coast and the luxurious city of Monte Carlo in Monaco. Visit Rome and experience the history and architecture of the ancient Roman Empire, relax on the gorgeous beaches of the French Riviera, or wonder around the architectural wonders of Barcelona and see how the ‘other half’ live in Monte Carlo.

Which one First?

Your research starts right here. Deciding on whether to go east or west when cruising the med can be a little difficult. Both sides offer beautiful scenery, breath-taking coastlines, delicious culinary delights and an opportunity to experience different cultures and history that have played an immense role in the way our world works today. Think about the countries and ports you’ll be visiting, do your research and decide on the destinations that appeal to you the most. On the East, you’ll visit the islands of Greece, the ports of Turkey and the beautiful coastline of the Adriatic Sea which is home to the beautiful country of Croatia. On the West, you’ll enjoy time in France, Spain, the west coast of Italy and the north coast of Africa. Contact a Cruiseabout consultant today for a few more fresh ideas!

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