Cruising in Spring

Posted August 1st, 2015

As the cold winter chill quickly subsides and gives way to the August winds, life starts to spring into action and revitalises Southern Africa’s natural beauty. The temperatures start to heat up, but aren’t yet at the extremes we find during a scorching summers day on the beach. After a long winter of dry, cold days and nights, Spring has sprung and it’s time to get out into the world again, and what better way to do it than with a cruise to some of South Africa’s most alive and scenic coastal regions. Explore the desolation and beauty of the West Coast, splash out in Cape Town, or visit Durban for it’s warmer weather, before floating up the east coast to Mozambique for some much needed beach time and seafood delights.


West Coast

Whether cruising up the west coast, or taking a drive from Cape Town, this area of South Africa is ati ts most beautiful in Spring. This part of the world enjoys what is known as flower safari season, as thousands of bright colours and flower varieties pop up everywehere. There is also the possibility of whale sightings in the deep blue spring ocean, or the chance to visit the West Coast National Park during the best time of the year.

Cape Town

After the rainy winter season and the onset of spring, Cape Town and its surrounding mountain ranges are spectacularly alive with waterfalls, greenery, and beautiful colourful flowers. Now is the ultimate time to take a trip up Table Mountain. With the Cape’s wet winter season and the springing of a new season, this is the perfect time to explore the variety of delightful hikes within an hours drive of the city.


The temperatures are starting to rise again and the lush KZN foliage is starting to come to life. The ocean’s water temperature is not that bad in winter, but during September, a cruise to Durban offers you the chance to swim in the warm sea, visit uShaka Marine World, and explore the Midlands Meander for some local arts and crafts.


Mozambique islands 

Suprisingly, Mozambique can be a little chilly in the winter months, but what better way to shake off the winter blues than to cruise to Mozambique island and other breath-taking beach destinations. The weather is fine, the water is warm and this destination is the perfect way to get you back into that summery mood.

Winter is over and spring has sprung. So, shake off the winter chill and find out more about the best Spring cruise holiday you can have in South Africa. Speak to a Cruiseabout consultant today!


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