Is Cruising In Winter A Good Idea?


Is Cruising In Winter A Good Idea?

07 August 2019

When you say ‘holidays’ most people think of sun, sea, and cocktails…and that goes double for cruising! When it comes to holiday goals like ski trips, mulled wine, and Christmas markets, sometimes a winter trip can be even more memorable and magical than a summer trip. Cruises don’t have to be summer affairs, and colder weather cruises offer a whole load of experiences that might just convert you to a winter cruiser for good. Here’s why you shouldn’t write off a cruise in winter.


Avoiding the summer crowds

There’s something special about having a beautiful new city almost all to yourself, and winter is one of the few seasons that allows visitors to enjoy some sightseeing without the crowds. A lot of major cities are less busy than you’d find during the peak summer season, so your shore excursions are bound to be quiet, intimate affairs. That means no battling through packs of tourists to see an iconic sight, and no need to book weeks in advance for an authentic local restaurant. If you can swing a winter cruise slightly outside of the school holidays, it’ll be even less crowded!


Winter wonderland

If you’re up for full-on winter complete with snow, ice, and ski jackets, then there are some cruises that are completely tailor-made for winter time. Whether you’re thinking Christmas markets in Europe, Northern Lights in Norway, or a proper expedition cruise to Antarctica, these specialised experiences will redefine cruising for you….and who knows, maybe even convert the most sun-loving person into a lifelong winter cruiser. A Christmas market river cruise is one of the most popular options, and it’s easy to see why. A white Christmas is seriously appealing for those who dream of snow, turkey dinners and fairy lights. It makes a great change from the traditional South African Christmas of a braai and a swimming pool, especially when you can enjoy all the perks without any of the stress of hosting a party at your place!


Christmas Market:


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The edge of the world

The more adventurous cruisers are really in for a treat when it comes to winter getaways. Alaska and Antarctica both offer out-of-this-world winter experiences where travellers can expect to see an abundance of wildlife, as well as incredible scenery, including glaciers and icebergs. You’d have to be brave to try it, but many tour operators even offer swimming stops on their Antarctica itineraries. The water is literally almost freezing, so it’s not for the fainthearted. If you prefer to stay warm, kayaking in the still and serene waters of these glacial landscapes is a wonderful experience open to guests in this part of the world.




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Pining for the fjords

Other popular winter destinations like Norway and Iceland give visitors the chance to hunt down the famous Northern Lights. They’re one of the most magical sights you’ll ever have the pleasure of experiencing firsthand. Shore excursions in winter destinations like Norway, Iceland or Alaska can be out of this world too; dog-sledding, geothermal springs and spas, and frozen winter landscapes on your hikes and walks.


Northern Lights:


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