Explore the islands of Asia or Mozambique with Cruiseabout

Posted August 2nd, 2015

If you love lots of sun, delicious seafood, crystal clear sea water, sandy beaches framed with palm trees and lined with mesmerising cliffs, then an island hopping cruise to Thailand, Vietnam or Mozambique is just the cruising holiday for you. As your cruise ship makes it’s way to magnificently exotic beaches around Asia or Mozambique, you can relax and soak up some sun by the pool, or join in on the numerous fun activities onboard, which have been designed for the whole family.


Ilha de Mozambique

Ilha de Mozambique lies in the northern part of the country in a small bay, and is accessible from the main land by a bridge. It’s an excuisite part of the country, and although it’s quite a small island, you’ll find plenty to do, including visits to the fascinating Fort Sao Sebastio, which was completed in about 1608. Besides the seafood, and the beautiful scenery, a visit to Mozambique island wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Palace and Chapel of Sao Paulo. This structure which is now a museum, was completed in 1610 and has become an historical showpiece for the island.

Inhaca & Portuguese Island
Just off the northwest corner of Inhaca Island you will find the breath taking Portuguese Island. These islands are situated in Maputo Bay and have been a destination loved and admired by cruisers for years. A cruise to the Portuguese Island treats it’s visitors to beach braais with delicious seafood, water sports, crystal clear, warm water, and a fantastic day on beautiful sandy beaches that you won’t soon forget. Inhaca island, the parent island - if you will - is much larger and offers it’s guests a fantastic array of activities from snorkelling and diving, to fishing, a visit to the marine biology museum, birding, walking trails, and even a day trip to the Santa Maria island.

Thailand and Vietnam
Imagine a country where the weather is always warm, the water is always crystal clear, and just about every beach has white, soft, fine sand – it almost sounds too good to be true, but that’s South-East Asia in all it’s glory. The islands off the coast are of varying sizes, completely covered in forests, and made up of rocky cliffs which rise up out of the sea. During your exploration, every now and then you come across a floating village which has a fully functional community of people living on it. From Phuket to Phang Nga Bay, Ko Hong to Similan Island, Thailand is a dream destination for any cruise traveller.

Although Vietnam has had a tumultuous history of conflict, it has become a real gem for cruisers to visit, especially when island hopping around the South China Sea. With an island hopping cruise, you’ll visit fascinating destinations like Hanoi, Siem Reap in Cambodia, the Mekong River, Phnom Penh, Chau Doc, Chau Phong Island, Vietnam Sampan and Ho Chi Minh City.

Choose any one of these magnificent cruises, designed for you to have the time of your life on your next cruise holiday:
 14-Night Timeless Wonders of Vietnam, Cambodia & the Mekong : River Orchid
 14-Night Vietnam and Thailand Cruise : Seabourn Sojourn
 7-Night Southern Asia Cruise : Star Clipper
 7-Night Mozambique Cruise : MSC Sinfonia
 3-Night Portuguese Island Cruise : MSC Sinfonia

With Asia’s unique cultures and breathtaking island scenery, you’ll enjoy every second of your holiday while snorkelling, swimming, and lazing beneath the palm trees as you enjoy a thai massage on the beach. Visiting Mozambique, you’ll love the seclusion of Ilha de Mozambique, and the desolation and endless beaches of Inhaca and Mozambique island. This is where people come to forget about time, relax and eat delicious fresh seafood for every meal. So speak to your Cruiseabout consultant to find out how you can get your island hopping cruise started today.

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