Five Steps To Staying Healthy On A Cruise


Five Steps To Staying Healthy On A Cruise

03 June 2019

There’s no doubting that when you set foot on a cruise, temptation is all around. Delicious desserts, full-bodied wines and luxurious beds mean that staying fit and healthy can be a challenge. For the dedicated health and fitness enthusiasts though, there are ways to keep the weight gain at bay and maintain your active lifestyle. Here’s how!


Get Acquainted With The Salad Bar

Sure, a cruise ship buffet is basically a room of temptation, but if you walk away from the fried food, sugary sweets and refined carbs, there’s usually a pretty great salad bar too. This is one of those occasions where you don’t have to stick to boring straightforward Greek salads. Use all of the ingredients to keep things varied; mix up your toppings with beans, lean proteins, nuts, seeds, different types of leaves, roasted vegetables and even fruits. No prep and no clean up means that your imagination is really the only limiting factor here.

You don’t have to totally avoid the rest of the buffet, but make a pact with yourself to always start at the salad bar and get your fill of fresh, healthy ingredients before you dive into the less.


Choose Active Shore Excursions

Your shore excursions don’t have to be slow-paced or focused on wining and dining. Why not do a walking tour of a new city, go for a hike in a beautiful setting, or try a new activity that you’ve been wanting to give a go.

Kayaking can take you to places that are inaccessible by land, while horseriding gives you the opportunity to cross huge distances that would be too time consuming on foot. Adrenaline junkies might prefer something more active like quadbiking or abseiling, which will work muscles you forgot that you ever had!


Hit The Gym

Remember, cruise ships are as well equipped as any five star hotel, so there’s no need to go without on your holiday.

If you’re a gym bunny and love working up a sweat on the treadmill or lifting weights to keep you strong, just make sure you leave some time to hit the gym during your cruise. It’ll be clean, well-equipped and ready for you pretty much whenever the exercise bug bites. This way you can get your workout fix and eat the cake at dinner – win win.

Take Advantage Of The Sports Facilities

Given that you’re holidaying on a ship with literally everything you could ever want right at your fingertips, there’s really no excuse for not fitting in at least some exercise. The best thing is that if you can’t face the idea of running endlessly on a treadmill, there’s an option to suit almost everyone. Don’t like getting hot and sweaty? Jump into one of the pools for a few laps. Only enjoy focused sports? There’s almost always some kind of sport available, whether its volleyball, basketball, soccer, or golf. For those who prefer something a bit more alternative, your cruise ship might offer something like rock climbing or laser tag.

Watch Your Alcohol Intake

One of the big draws of a cruise for many holiday makers is the free flowing booze. It’s readily available and having a few too many every night isn’t unheard of; especially given that it’s coupled with no risk of drinking and driving. We all know that alcohol can pile on the pounds though; so try to pace yourself with plenty of glasses of water. Not only will the water fill you up, but it slows down your drinking – your waistline will thank you, and so will your head! When you do drink, try to limit beers, ciders and sugary premixed drinks. Instead, stick to wine, gin, clear spirits and low calorie mixers such as soda water.