The Foodie Inside You Should Get Excited. You’re Going On A Cruise!

Posted November 19th, 2014

The days of long buffet lines, and mundane food being churned out 24/7 as if coming straight off a conveyor belt, are gone. Modern day cruiseship dining is becoming more refined, more specialised, and certainy more delicious. Take a look at the top trends and changes you can expect to see on cruise ships as we are about to enter 2015.

Variety is the Spice of Life

Not only do you now have the options of French and Italian cuisine, but also Asian, Mexican, Brazilian, and loads more. If not yet, the trend will soon catch on in most ships that offering more varied and smaller dining venues is the way of the future. People realise the pleasure of trying and enjoying fresh new food from around the world and therefore are now able, or will be able to enjoy this pleasure on most cruiselines with a vastly greater number of dining options available.

Celeb Chefs

Cruise liners are realising the global trend in food and culinary service, and are adapting accordingly. Many ships associate themselves with, or even employ internationally recognised land based chefs to come on board and enhance the culinary experience of it’s guests. They usually involve themselves by assisting with menus, training on-board chefs, and even putting their name to a number of the restaurants.

Tasty Treats From A Bakery?

It’s one of those ideas that come along, and you think, ’Of course, why didn’t they do this before?’’ A lot of cruise ships are starting to incorporate full on bakeries into their list of restaurants and cafes. And what a great idea. Variety is the spice of life and cruise liners are latching onto this by pulling out all the stops when it comes to food.

On Board Herb Gardens

The trends around the world dictate that fresher is better, and for this reason, ships will either be developing herb gardens on board, or because ships are now able to dock at the heart of most cities, will be ensuring that chefs constantly stock up on fresh ingredients when in port.

Sushi Whenever!

Sushi has been the buzzword in trendy foods for a while now, and its popularity is certainly not in decline with many cruise liners offering Sushi bars where guests can sit and relax in an authentic environment while enjoying delicious fresh sushi.

Al Fresco Dining, Finally with a Cruise Ship’s View

Another ah-ha moment in the modern trends of cruise line dining is the increased offering of outdoor restaurants, cafes and bars. On both river and ocean cruises, ships are increasing the number of facilities which allow guests to sit outside and enjoy the fresh sea breeze, or gorgeous scenery on a river cruise while dining for lunch, dinner or breakfast.

Dietary Accommodation

Cruise ships are certainly going all out to ensure every single guest is properly cared for and accommodated. The trend nowadays is to ensure that there are plenty of options available on the menus for people with allergies and other dietary requirements.

Cruise ships from around the world are stepping up to the plate and ensuring their guests get the culinary delights they’d expect from top class hotels. Not only this, but they’re keeping up with the times in the world of global food trends. There’s no limit to what you can find on a cruise ship to

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