Heritage and natural splendour that are out of this world

Posted December 10th, 2014

Santorini is an island about 200km south of the Greek mainland. It is an island made up of massive cliffs which drop directly into the sea. Perched on top of these cliffs are the picture perfect white-washed buildings with blue domes that you envision when you think of the magnificence of Greece. Although the island’s main port is Athinias, cruise ships don’t usually anchor there. Instead they stop about 3km away from the old port, and then ferries carry passengers to the island whereafter your adventure truly begins with a donkey ride or cable car to the towns high above on the cliff tops. There are loads of charming towns and beaches to visit on the island of Santorini, and the magnificence of the scenery and cultural way of life will fascinate and inspire you till the very end of your stay

Cruising to Santorini

Each year between February and December, you can explore the romance and wonder of this beautiful part of the world with Cruiseabout, who offer a number of cruise options in and around the eastern Med. The highlight of any cruise may or may not be the gorgeous island of Santorini, we’ll leave that up to you to decide after your cruise of a lifetime. 

Adventure and Exploration Await on Santorini

Santorini is rich in historic splendour and Greek cultural heritage. The island offers fantastic museums and places to visit that will give you a clear sense of what it was like thousands of years ago. Akrotiri, which is a Minoan Bronze Age settlement, is one such place. In 1627 a volcanic eruption on the island covered the settlement deep under volcanic ash. Since 1967 there have been ongoing excavations at Akrotiri, and today it is possible to visit the sight as well as see some of the ancient artefacts in the surrounding museums.

Visitor Favourites

Make sure you catch a sunset from the cliff tops of Santorini, they are truly spectacular and memorable. Possibly the best place to be when the sun dips below the deep-blue horizon is Oia Castle. 

If you have the time for a day trip, make sure you get yourself to the volcanoes and hot springs the island is famous for. Or hop on a helicopter and check out this magnificent island from above. 

It goes without saying, that part of the wonderful experience of visiting the Med is feasting on the many delicacies of the area you visit. Santorini is no different, and not only has some of the finest restaurants in the Med, but also the most spectacular scenery and possibly the most fantastic dining experiences anywhere in the world.

Santorini is rich in magnificent scenery, cultural heritage and folklore. The beaches are unique and beautiful, and the volcanoes, hot springs, museums and archeological sites offer adventure and enchantment to any visitor. With a cruise from Cruiseabout, this awe-inspiring world can be yours, even if it’s only for a short while. Contact Cruiseabout today for further details.

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