The Little-Big City of Copenhagen

Posted June 14th, 2014
Copenhagen is full of colour, history, and is an environmentally friendly city that is extremely pedestrian and bicycle friendly. From the historical spires of buildings, to the colourful residences that line the canals, Copenhagen is an excuisite city filled with friendly faces. It’s large enough to be called a metropolis, yet intimate enough to be able to move around and explore all the famous sights and attractions with ease.
1. What to see in Copenhagen
The Little Mermaid is a bronze statue created by Edvard Erikssen and located in the district of Østerbro. Mr Erikssen was inspired by a ballet he had seen in the city which featured The Little Mermaid. He set about creating the statue in 1909 and it has become a major attraction in Copenhagen since it was unveiled in 1913. The Little Mermaid was written by the Danish author, Hans Christian Andersen who died in Copenhagen in 1875.
Indre By is the heart of Copenhagen, and not far from the harbour itself. This is the area where most of the tourist attractions and historical interest points can be found. There are a multitude of museums, theatres and galleries in this area. Not only that, but there is an amusement park called Tivoli, which is world famous, and great for a visit especially if you have children with you.
2. What to do in Copenhagen
Visit Vesterbro, which is just outside the city centre, although previously disreputable, there have been major developments in the area. The bars, restaurants and cafés to be found in the area will offer a fantastic social experience. You’ll also find the Carlsberg brewery and Copencabana which is an artificial beach complete with palm trees.
The best place for doing a little shopping is StrØget, a network of pedestrian streets which claims to be the largest pedestrian shopping centre in the world. Whatever you’re shopping for, you’ll find it here without a doubt. If you have enough time to get around, that is!
3. Why you’ll love it
Copenhagen is an environmentally conscious city. The focus seems to be on making life easier for pedestrians and cyclists, which will be quite evident, especially in the city centre. Not quite big enough to be an intimidating city, and not small enough to run out of things to do, Copenhagen has an attitude of warm welcomes and seems to smile at you every time you turn a corner.
Copenhagen is a city well worth a bit of your time. If you’re cruising to, or from this wonderful place, make sure you spend a little time enjoying what it has to offer. From fairy tales to modern architecture, Copenhagen will inspire you in ways you would never imagine. Give Cruiseabout a call if you would like to book a cruise to Copenhagen

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