Live your passion with a themed cruise

Posted November 4th, 2015

To many people, cruise ships resemble small towns or villages - with their shopping complexes, restaurants, theatres, outdoor parks and ‘hotel rooms.’ The difference is of course that there are no roads for you to travel on to see what’s happening outside the town. This makes cruise ships the perfect place to hold themed events over any period of time. The ship becomes filled with fanatics of the theme, and everyone with the same passion is able have the time of their lives. So what exactly is a themed Cruise?


What do you enjoy doing most?
Ultimately, a themed cruise bases everything on a certain subject, so whether you’re into golf, dancing, food, craft beer, bird life, film and theatre, or yoga, your cruise will be all about your favourite hobby. A themed cruise is a great way to explore and participate in activities based on your passion, and enjoy loads of perfect relaxation with the cruise ship’s other facilities as well.

Why they’re so much fun
A themed cruise is an excellent way to not only meet like-minded people, and make new friends, but also a way to improve your skills, enhance your soul, or have as much fun as possible by doing something you love doing. Not only this, but you will be travelling and exploring destinations around the globe, sometimes related to your chosen themed cruise. Imagine doing the thing you absolutely love doing the most, every day all day. Well, with a themed cruise, you really can!

What to expect
It all depends on the type of themed cruise you choose. Most often, themed cruises can be broken up into different categories like, a full theme cruise, partial theme cruise or an inspired theme cruise. Your full themed cruise will make use of just about every facility, nook and cranny on the ship to create the full effect for your theme. So make sure it’s something you really want to do before booking. You could enjoy party themed cruises with DJ’s setting the tone at the pools and clubs, both night and day. Or find yourself immersed in the company of film buffs for a week long cruise based around arts and entertainment. You may even bump into a celebrity or two.

Partial themed cruises are less intense, but still loads of fun. Usually a few cabins will be booked for the group and certain sections of the ship will be booked for periods of the cruise. So if you were to join a partial themed food cruise, you would probably have a dedicated times for wine tastings, cooking lessons and other food based activities. During your spare time you can relax by the pool, throw some dice in the casino or take in a show.

Cruises that are inspired by certain themes may simply incorporate extra themed activities, speakers or entertainers into their original itinerary. Some activities could include famous guest speakers or cooking lessons based on the destinations you are visiting on the cruise. 

Various cruise lines offer different themed cruises based on a number of hobbies and fun things to do. You can try something new or join like-minded people as you travel to global destinations, and extend your passion for your favourite hobby or past time. So speak to your Cruise About Consultant today to find out what amazing themed cruises are coming up in the near future.

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