Cruise deals from Durban

Cruise deals from Durban

Posted August 18th, 2017

Cruiseabout have a load of ‘funtastic’ cruise deals which will be exploring our coastline in 2017. Discover the beauty of our southern coastline with a cruise to Cape Town, or head north and visit the Portuguese Island, Maputo, Pomene, Ilha de Mozambique, Reunion or Mauritius.

Cruising from Durban to Cape Town

Spend 3 fun-filled nights and days with a sunny cruise to Cape Town from Durban with MSC this December. Why not spend a day or two checking out the sights and sounds of Durbs, before heading to the mother city for the perfect way to end off a local cruise holiday?

Cruises from Durban to the Portuguese Island and Maputo

Head up the north coast and cross the border into Mozambique where the sea life is abundant and the beautiful Portuguese Island waits to welcome you to its shores. Laze on the white sandy beaches, swim in the warm Indian Ocean and then discover the historic, fascinating and bustling energy of Maputo.

Cruising from Durban to Ilha De Mozambique, Pomene & Portuguese Island

Settle into an 8 night cruise with MSC as you head north to explore the beautifully rugged coastline of Mozambique. You’ll visit the ever-popular Portuguese Island before heading past Inhambane, to Pomene with its spectacular beaches. Before turning around and heading back for home you will pay a visit to the historic and scenic Mozambique Island. It is said that the further north you travel up the north coast of Mozambique the more beautiful it becomes, so why not see for yourself?

Cruises from Durban to Reunion & Mauritius

Set sail with MSC out of Durban as you head out across the Indian Ocean on an 11 night cruise to the tropical paradise islands of Mauritius and Reunion. Besides having the time of your life on-board your cruise ship, you will spend one full magical day in Reunion and three unforgettable days in Mauritius before your journey back to Durban.

Why not explore the fantastic attractions and sights that are waiting to be discovered in our own backyard – the beautiful Indian Ocean and its vast coastline. Love every minute of your cruise from Durban with a local cruise deal. Alternatively, speak to your Cruiseabout consultant today to find out more.

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