Local Cruising - Cruise to Mauritius and Madagascar

Posted August 7th, 2014
Savour a little piece of island life
The islands of Mauritius and Madagascar couldn’t be more different, and yet at the same time so similar. The small island of Mauritius is about 1000km east of the Madagascan coast and is world renowned as an island paradise with white tropical beaches, plenty of water sports and fine dining on offer. Madagascar on the other hand is a tropical paradise as well, but slightly more rough around the edges. Saying that though, it is possibly one of the most under-rated beach holiday destinations in the world. Madagascar is one of a kind, and certainly a place for the more adventurous spirit.
1. What to see
When you arrive in Mauritius, you’ll think it won’t get any better than this. And then you’ll do a bit of exploring and find somewhere even more spectacular, like Le Morne Peninsula, or Amber Island. The Scuba diving is fantastic and will make you want to stay under, more than above the waterline. Mauritius has luxurious hotels, and a well organised tourist industry.
Madagascar is a place that has completely forgotten about the rest of the world. The people are friendly, the landscape is wild, and the beaches are beautiful. You may have the opportunity to visit lemur parks and stand in awe as you see a massive Baobab tree for the first time. And of course with unique coral reefs and untouched ocean life, the scuba diving is spectacular. Some of the more popular tourist destinations include Nosy Be in the North, and Fort Dauphine in the South.
2. What to do
In Mauritius simply relaxing on the magnificent beaches would be enough for most people, but the resorts do of course offer water sports, scuba diving and snorkelling among other fun activities. 
Visit the street markets of Port Louis for everything from bananas to beach bags. Another great attraction to visit will be the Seven Coloured Earth, which is a fascinating geological wonder. It is an area of sand dunes comprising of seven different colours of sand and is undisturbed even during heavy rain. A leisurely stroll around the Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden is a favourite amongst visitors to the island. The gardens are home to some beautiful wildlife and unique plant life such as giant water lilies, and 85 different species of palm trees from around the world. The gardens are roughly 12 km from the city of Port Louis.
Madagascar is an island of raw, untouched natural beauty. From magnificent Baobabs, to carnivorous plants, Lemurs, and much more, the island is a nature lover’s heaven. Depending on which ports you visit, you will find bustling street markets, run down colonial buildings and museums. Nosy Be in the North is probably the islands most popular tourist destination with fine resorts and hotels. The island offers incredible beaches with snorkelling and scuba diving being perfect for experiencing the splendour that lies beneath the water.
3. Why you’ll love it
The pleasure of visiting a tropical paradise is unbeatable. You’ll spend long lazy days on a gorgeous sunny beach with crystal clear water to cool off in, and experience another culture on an island with foreign wildlife and nature. Whichever ports you call in, you’ll experience that excited tingle as you look out over the foreign scenery that is so new and fresh to your senses, yet everything and everyone is simply carrying on with everyday life. You’re a visitor and spectator to something new, something unique and something so wonderful you’ll wish you were able to call the islands of Mauritius or Madagascar, home.

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