A Repositioning Cruise - an Affordable Extended Holiday!

Posted September 28th, 2014
A repositioning cruise essentially has a different embarkation port to its disembarkation port. Have you ever wondered what happens to a cruise ship when the season comes to an end? Of course, there’s no way that it would sit dormant in port and wait for the next season to start. Often the ship will be moved to another part of the world where the climate is more favourable for cruising, or where the shipping company requires a certain type of cruise ship. This is where you have the opportunity to join in on a repositioning cruise.
Because of the climatic changes of our planet, when summer is occurring in the northern hemisphere, naturally it will be winter in the southern hemisphere. Although we are quite lucky to have a relatively mild winter, the northern hemisphere countries like Alaska, Europe and even parts of Asia have horrendously cold winters, meaning the best time to cruise is usually Spring, Autumn and Summer (with a few exceptions).
We’re moving the ship. Come Along!
Occasionally the tour packages and facilities required for certain cruises are only available on certain Cruise ships. This may require that the cruise ships need to be relocated internationally from time to time. You may have seen the recently advertised cruise between Southampton and Cape Town aboard the MSC Opera. This is a 21 day relocation cruise.
For these reasons, the cruise liners offer trips that sometimes last a lot longer and spend more days at sea. But overall they may work out cheaper due to the fact that the passengers also have to factor in a one way plane ticket. As Cruise liners are luxurious, and have just about every amenity you could wish for, spending a few days at sea can be a fantastically relaxing holiday adventure.
Luxury and Entertainment with the Best Sea Views!
Most cruise liners have a choice of restaurants, bars, casinos, and live entertainment for you to be able to experience something new every night. And during the day, you can spend a few hours in the gym, have your hair done or even enjoy a relaxing spa treatment and massage before lounging by the pool and catching some sun, all of this, while being exposed to the best sea views imaginable.
Not only are relocation cruises affordable, they offer a fantastic way to slowly make your way around the world in luxury and comfort. Come along as we move the ship from one part of the world to another, you’ll meet amazing people, see beautiful sights and spend every day having fun, relaxing and enjoying the comfort aboard a cruise liner.

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