Scenic Elegance and Norwegian Bling

Posted June 20th, 2014
Possibly one of the most incredible places to visit on earth, the Fjords of Norway will take your breath away every time you blink your eyes. Naturally, the best way to explore the Fjords is on a cruise ship, but what exactly is a Fjord? Essentially a Fjord is a long, narrow, crystal clear inlet of water with high, steep cliffs on either side which have been created by glacial erosion over thousands of years. Norway is famous for them and they are a major tourist attraction in this part of the world. When you visit the Fjords, you’ll see why, and the best way to view them is from the water on one of our cruises. While cruising the Fjords be sure to try and spot the incredible wildlife along the way, with possible polar bear or seal sightings, and maybe even a whale or two. But those aren’t the only attractions. An experience that is well considered one of the most beautiful in the world is to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights. 
The Northern Lights are a spectacle that not everyone gets to see. The best time of year and place to see this natural wonder is between late autumn and early spring in the northern Fjords of Norway. Summer would probably be no good as you may experience a little something called the midnight sun, which in essence is when the sun is still visible at local time midnight.
Three Norwegian Fjord Attractions
Number one has to be the Fjords themselves. The scenery is spectacular, with 1000ft cliff faces either side of your ship. The air is clean, the water is clear and the wildlife is stunning.
Taking a cruise along the Norwegian Fjords, you may be lucky enough to spot seals, eagles and even small whales, which are more commonly known as harbour porpoises. Ask about doing a bit of crab fishing for a truly unique experience
Nature’s Glaring Natural Wonder
The aurora borealis or Northern Lights look like something out of a sci-fi movie. Seemingly out of this world, they are a vision of natural beauty which is created by a combination of elements. So although a sighting cannot be guaranteed, there are a few tips we can give you to increase your chances.
Avoid the period around a full moon and try to plan your cruise around late autumn and early spring.
Visit the area for as long as possible, so as to increase your chances of catching this heavenly vision.
Check the aurora forecast for any activity that may be occurring during your visit to the area. Yes, that’s right, it’s actually possible to predict. But much like the weather it is a temperamental prediction.
The Northern Lights and Fjords of Norway are an exquisite sight to see and place to visit. Cruising the Fjords and experiencing the Northern Lights, you feel thrilled to be alive. Sleep will probably be the last thing you want to do, as your eyes will continue to thirst for more and more of this magnificent place. This is especially true when you’re lucky enough to witness the glowing streak of dazzling colours performing in the sky. We cannot wait to take you there on one of our cruises to Norway.

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