Six Mistakes to avoid when booking a cruise

Posted February 12th, 2018

By remembering a few simple tricks and making sure you are completely aware of your cruise holiday details, you will ensure a smoother travelling experience. There are a few common mistakes that people often make when booking a cruise holiday, but these are easily overcome.

1. Picking the wrong cabin

Even the most hardy traveller who is used to sleeping in backpackers, will be upset to realise that they have been given a little match box in the corner of the ship for the same price of a standard interior room in a better location and with slightly more space. If it’s your first cruise, you may not think it matters where your room is, and you may think that you are only booking a standard room anyway. Well, it definitely could matter. So make sure you check the ship’s deck plans and request the room you really want. A little research will go along away when you are spending two weeks at sea.

2. Keep travel documents and passports readily available

When boarding the ship, make sure your travel documents and passports aren’t tucked away safely in your check-in luggage. You’ll need these to be able to step on-board and if you don’t have them, it may cause serious delays as the crew will need to rummage through the thousands of suitcases to find yours after check-in. Another good pointer to consider is visas. You may require them to enter certain ports, depending on the type of passport you are holding. So check with your cruise consultant to be sure.

3. Check the fine print

We often neglect to read that tiny writing at the bottom of our travel itineraries or documents, but hidden amongst the microscopic type-set could be valuable information you need to know. When booking your deal and selecting your cruise package, make sure you read the fine print. It may contain information about paying in full by a certain date, exclusions, or further fees to be added on at a later stage. Feel free to speak to your travel booker or cruise consultant about the finer details.

4. Guarantee Cabin

A guarantee cabin simply means that you will be given a room in the class that you book, you are not guaranteed the best room in the class, and you are not necessarily given any preferences. All it means is that the cruise line will select your cabin for you. This may not always be ideal, as to your surprise, you may end up with a smaller room in that class with an obstructed view out of your port hole. Make sure to avoid disappointment and check with the cruise line or simply book the cabin you actually want.

5. Do not assume that everything on-board is included

While there are usually a lot of inclusions in your cruise package deal, you’ll need to check what is excluded as well. Things like shore excursions, gratuities, other restaurants than the main dining hall, beverages, spa treatments and some on-board activities are not usually included in the cost of your cruise. 

6. Mind your packing

Especially true if you are going on a long cruise – you should pack as lightly as possible, but take as much as you can. You may be staying in a small cabin area, and the last thing you want is your suitcases kicking around the room because they don’t fit in the cupboard or under the bed. Depending on your cruise itinerary and locations to be visited, you may need to pack for varying weather conditions, so keep this in mind and pack appropriately. Also, you should make sure to remember the necessities like medication and other personals that you will not be able to get in another country or on-board the ship.

Remember to read the fine print, know exactly what you are booking for and what is excluded and included and make sure you know precisely where you will be laying your head at night. These simple tips will ensure you have a better holiday and an amazing cruise experience. Speak to your Cruiseabout Consultant for more information and guidance about booking a cruise holiday that is fun, exciting and hassle-free.

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