5 tips to help you beat the solo cruise blues

Posted January 20th, 2017

The rumours are true; solo cruising is becoming extremely popular, and rightly so. As a solo traveller, cruising offers you as many social activities or as much solitude as you choose. You can enjoy all the activities and entertainment you like without having to compromise with a travel companion, you have a stateroom to yourself, and there is safety in numbers when you are out on a shore excursion.

Solo cruise

Such has been the increase in solo cruisers that cruise companies are beginning to tailor their services and their ships to cater to the needs of these intrepid travellers. For example, many ships now offer single staterooms, or staterooms with a drastically reduced or waived single supplement to make it more affordable for solo cruisers.


Still, many travellers may feel some trepidation about embarking on a cruise on their own. Perhaps they are apprehensive about spending the cruise with couples or families, but if you have ever braved the seas solo, you will know that those fears are unfounded. That is why we have compiled five tips to ensure that you do not get lonely on your next adventure.

  1. Board the ship with a smile

Get your cruise off to a great start by boarding with a smile. Smile at your fellow passengers waiting to embark, and strike up a conversation. Smile at the front desk staff who have to deal with complaints and requests all day, and they will be even more helpful when you need some advice or information. You are on holiday; relax and say hello.

  1. Attend the singles social

Many cruises kick off with a singles social where you will get to meet other solo travellers. Get to know them, and perhaps plan to take an excursion together. Just be careful about sharing your stateroom number. It may be an easy way to find your new friends later, but use your discretion.  

  1. Choose enticing excursions

Solo CruisingWhen you choose excursions that interest you, you already have something in common with other cruisers that take the same excursion. Take one or two of these trips early on in the cruise and you will have a lot to talk about over dinner or at the bar.

  1. Take part

Excursions and singles socials are not the only place to meet people. Take a cooking class, complete a language course, or get silly with the poolside games and activities.

  1. Choose the right dining option for you

On many of the cruise lines you are able to specify whether you would like to dine with other solo travellers, or by yourself. On other lines solo travellers are hosted by the ship’s officers and staff at dinner. Our top meal time tip is to choose a later seating if you would like to avoid the family rush.

If you would like more information about solo cruising, or you are ready to book your first solo cruise, talk to a Cruiseabout cruise specialist today and find out why more and more travellers are getting hooked on cruising solo.


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