Star Clippers - Cruising with sails, a holiday with a difference

Posted July 24th, 2015

Cruising with sails – a holiday with a difference 
Star Clippers offers a cruise holiday with a difference. Set sail around the Carribean, Mediterranean, Asia, Panama, or even embark on an exciting ocean crossing on the beautiful 42 sail Royal Clipper. Visit the exotic destinations in Asia on board the Tall Ship, Star Clipper, or enter a state of nostalgia from the days of pirate ships, as you explore the Caribbean on board a Star Flyer Tall Ship. Star Clipper Sailing has three different vessels of varying capabilities and specifications. Each one with its own unique inspiration, destination and comfort.

Royal Clipper 

The Royal Clipper was inspired by the legendary Preussen which was at one stage the fastest sailing ship at sea. It has 5 masts and 42 sails, and has a staff compliment of 106 and a passenger capability of 227 total guests. This beauty of a sailing ship, offers it’s guests the luxury and comfort you’d expect from Star Clippers and the excitement and adventure you’d expect from a sailing holiday.

Star Clipper & Star Flyer
Star Clipper and Star Flyer are truly traditional Clipper ships, emanating the original sailing spirit with their brass finishes, beautiful sails and hardy, yet sleek wooden build. These ships offer its guests luxurious sailing with an air of romance from the days gone by, when sailing the high-seas was all about exploration, discovery and adventure. The accommodation is spacious and comfortable and you’ll feel like you’re travelling on your own private yacht.

Destinations When someone mentions the Carribean, images of white sandy beaches, gentle breezes blowing through the palm trees and white horses on the sea, come to mind. Panama will capture your imagination with it’s lush scenery and beautiful city scapes, and of course the amazing beaches. While Cuba will drop you into another world altogether with it’s scenic and fascinating history and culture.

If you’re looking for a real adventure and want to feel like you’re sailing the high seas in the lap of luxury, why not embark on an Ocean or Grand Voyage. Visit a number of ports on your holiday or set sail across the open ocean and really feel what it’s like to sail across the sea with a clipper. The experience is truly exhilarating.

On board a star clipper Voyage, you can also choose to meander around the Mediterranean with options of choosing the classic Western Mediterranean destinations like Italy, Spain, France and Croatia, or the fascinating and breath-taking Eastern Mediterranean destinations like Greece, The Cyclades, Montenegro, Malaga, Malta and Sicily.

If you’re fascinated by the cultures, traditions and people of Asia, then your ultimate cruise holiday will be on board a Star Clipper Ship cruising to and from Singapore or Phuket. This area of Asia is known for it’s wild and beautiful scenery, and what better way to explore this part of the world, than on a Clipper sailing ship?.

What to expect On board
The Star Clipper Sailing boats are a vision of sailing’s history, but completed with moder amenities and luxuries to make your sailing holiday an exciting and memorable one. The Clippers carry a maximum of 227 guests and have open decks, swimming pools, hidden balconies and a chance to climb the mast to the lookout crows nest, which also has got settees for you to realx and enjoy the view.

The ships have indoor atriums, dining rooms with open plan seating, and a spa and health club with underwater port holes. The interior is finished off with gleaming brass and divine teak wood decks, vintage paintings of famous sailing ships, and teak and mahogany railings. The ships are able to offer more space per person than the conventional cruise ships, meaning you can relax and enjoy your cruise in comfort and style.

Take the time to enjoy a more intimate cruise holiday as you sail to some of the most exciting and exotic destinations on the planet. Star Clippers provide you with a luxurious and modern sailing experience, with a strong hint of sailing tradition and history. So speak to your Cruiseabout consultant today to find out when you can set sail on your adventure of a lifetime.

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