Top 10 underrated cruise destinations

Posted November 22nd, 2016

Top 10 underrated cruise destinations  

Although there is an incredible amount of cruise destinations, we thought that we would share our 10 up-and coming ‘hot-spots’ for cruisers who want to explore something a little different. Get in quick before the crowds arrive, and visit one of these exciting cruise destinations in 2017.  

Cruises to the West coast of Southern Africa

Right in our own backyard, we have one of the most spectacular and scenic coastlines in the world. The west coast is largely un-touched, and with its seclusion and natural beauty, comes the opportunity for a memorable cruise holiday. Explore Lüderitz and Walvis Bay with a trip out of town to see what else this beautiful coastline has to offer.

Waterways of Russia

From Moscow to Petersburg and the spectacular lakes and waterways in-between, a cruise in Russia is highly underrated. The history and culture you can experience is second to none, while the natural scenery you will cruise past will take your breath away. Cruise the Moscow Canal, Volga River, Lake Rybinsk, Lake Onega, Svir River, Lake Ladoga and more before stopping in St Petersburg, the home of Russian art and culture.

Cruising to Abu Dhabi & Dubai

Abu Dhabi and Dubai are fast becoming popular tourist destinations. With their first class amenities, top class attractions, theme parks, beaches and more, the UAE is a fantastic place to visit. What better way to make the most of this destination than with a cruise, where you basically stay in a floating hotel and explore everything that the Middle East has to offer from the convenience and comfort of your cruise ship.

Cruises to Madagascar

Off the east coast of Africa lies the naturally diverse island of Madagascar. It’s the world’s fourth largest island and offers visitors a vast scene of natural beauty, both above and below the water. With beautiful beaches, unique wildlife, and a quieter island experience compared its popular counterparts, Madagascar should be on any cruiser’s list of destinations.

Argentinian cruises

Argentina has such a vast landscape, with sunny beaches on the coast and snowy mountains in the interior, there is something for everyone. With its European influence and architecture, Buenos Aires is also known as ‘a piece of Europe in South America.’ Whether you’re looking for something new in an urban setting with delightful cuisine, friendly people and fantastic sights, or a natural wonderland, Argentina should be for you!

Cruising in the Panama Canal

Panama is the bridge between Central and South America and, as such, has much history and exciting things to discover. One of these attractions is the Panama Canal which is a man-made shipping route, basically dissecting the country and joining the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. Panama City is famous for its casinos, clubs, bars and restaurants, while on the outskirts the rainforests and waterways have drawn nature lovers for decades to its shores.

A cruise to Cuba

Cuba has a dynamic and tumultuous history; however it’s also becoming a popular destination for visitors. With its spectacular white sandy beaches, Spanish architecture, Havana Cigars and Samba blasting out of the clubs and bars, Cuba is a one-of-a-kind place to visit. The capital, Havana is famous for its colonial architecture and the colourful car’s from the 1950’s which are still in use today, and which add to the attraction of visiting the amazing Caribbean island of Cuba.


Albania is a Balkan state and is often referred to as the last undiscovered gem of Europe. Believe it or not, Albania has some delightful beaches, beautiful quaint sea-side towns and is popular for its ancient towns, castles and archaeological excavations. You will find a vibrant nightlife in the larger towns and fun things to explore in Albania.

The Azores

The Azores chain of islands is an autonomous Portuguese region about 1500km – 2000km off the coast of Morocco and Portugal.  The islands offer a diverse landscape of mountains with rugged cliffs dropping into the sea, amazing beaches, scenic fishing villages and wide open green fields. It’s a haven for activities including hiking, bike riding, canyoning, diving, snorkelling, horse riding, paragliding, and whale watching.

Cruise to Iceland

Situated between Greenland and Norway in the Norwegian Sea, lies the island of Iceland. The island offers visitors the opportunity to see glaciers and volcanoes, swim in a hot spring and learn more about the Icelandic Viking history at the National and Saga museums in the capital, Reykjavik. Iceland is known for its beautiful, yet harsh landscape, its culture and its creativity, making this a very interesting and exciting destination to visit.

There are thousands more cruise destinations to visit besides the popular choices and every now and then, we get asked, ‘’where can I go that is different?’’ So we think that these are ten of the most underrated cruise destinations for you to choose from. Speak to your Cruiseabout Consultant today to find out more!

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