Top 5 local shore excursions

Posted March 30th, 2016

Southern Africa is blessed with an exceptionally beautiful coastline which is characterised by rugged cliffs, golden beaches and deserts, lush mangroves and mesmerising forests. The wildlife encounters on our coastline are some of the most memorable anywhere in the world and the cities, towns and villages you can visit are filled with culture, history and exciting activities.

  1. Lüderitz

Lüderitz is a small harbour town on the Namibian south coast. A reputably harsh coastline, the town of Lüderitz is riddled with fascinating legends and stories. Lüderitz is a charming, colourful village with German art Nouveau architecture, old churches and exquisite seafood restaurants. A definite must-see is the old Diamond-rush ghost town of Kolmanskop which was the centre of a Diamond rush in the early 1900’s. It’s an eerie town with wind swept, dilapidated houses and churches dating back to the early 20th century. The town basically rose and fell within the space of 40 years, and today what remains is a fascinating deserted town of the past.

  1. Maputo

Maputo is a local cruising hot-spot. The former Portuguese influence can be identified in the colonial architecture, spicy food and language spoken by many of the locals. Sometimes chaotic, sometimes manic, Maputo is a bustling city home to a multitude of cultures. When visiting Maputo, book a guided walk through some of the suburbs. You will experience the pulse of the city with visits to markets and restaurants, and will also learn about its history and other fascinating stories about its people and traditions.

  1. Walvis Bay

At the edge of the Namib Desert and the Atlantic Ocean you will find Walvis Bay, a haven for marine life and outdoor activities from kiting to surfing, and angling to golfing. Historically, Walvis Bay was a key port in establishing a trade route around the Cape of Good Hope. Make sure you join a city tour and a tour of the nearby town of Swakopmund which is home to fascinating attractions like The Woerman Tower and Die Alte Kaserne. One of the most famous buildings in Swakopmund, The Woerman Tower was completed in 1905 and was used as a lookout point for spotting ships at sea and approaching ox wagons from the desert. Die Alte Kaserne is another definite must see in Swakopmund. Built in true German colonial fashion, today the building is used as a youth hostel and is one of the most interesting sites to visit in the area.

  1. Portuguese Island

Spend a day on the heavenly Portuguese Island and feel the tension slip away as you swim in the clear, warm water of the Indian Ocean. Enjoy a beach braai and let off some steam with a range of exciting beach sports and activities, or recline beneath a tree and sip on a refreshing cocktail as you take in the surroundings of this beautifully preserved island paradise.

  1. Explore on your own

If you’re not one for taking guided tours and would rather explore your destinations on your own to see what you can find, a cruise holiday offers the perfect opportunity to delve deep into a number of different destinations with varied experiences. Just remember to keep an eye on the time, because it’s easy to get lost in the stories, sites and activities of our local port destinations.

 What better way to explore this dramatic and breath-taking coastline than with a cruise? With these top five shore excursions on the Southern African coastline, you’ll make the most of your cruise and will disembark at home feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and enlightened after creating memories which will last for a lifetime. Speak to your Cruiseabout Consultant today to find out more about how you can make the most of your next local cruise.

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