Top 5 shore excursions in the Med

Posted March 30th, 2016

The Mediterranean, east or west, is a spectacular destination for a cruise holiday. Steeped in history, and blessed with a wonderful climate, the Mediterranean offers visitors spectacular scenery, quaint seaside villages, beautiful beaches and a chance to discover something new around every corner. From Walking the Walls in Dubrovnik, to exploring the Colosseum in Rome, visiting the Acropolis in Greece, meandering through the City of Popes, or searching for the City of Atlantis in Santorini, The Mediterranean has unforgettable experiences for everyone.

Walking the Walls in Dubrovnik

In the southern part of Croatia on the Adriatic Sea you will find the historic city of Dubrovnik. The walls of Dubrovnik are approximately 2km long and encircle much of the old city. The walls were built roughly between the 12th and 15th centuries, but were continually strengthened up until the 17th century. The walls were instrumental in the security of the city from foreign invasion and were successful in allowing the inhabitants to live in relative peace for five centuries.

A walk on the walls will take you roughly 2 hours, and will provide the best views of the internal city and the Adriatic Sea, which stretches on as far as the eye can see. There are three entrances to the walls, so check with your cruise director about which one would be the best one to start at.  

Venture out on your own in Rome

If you have the opportunity to explore Rome as part of a cruise holiday, it may pay to do a bit of research beforehand and then plan your adventure. This way you won’t waste any time getting lost, or wondering what to see next.

There are so many fascinating world class museums, structures and attractions in Rome. Simply walking the streets of this ancient city is an experience in itself. A few attractions that you won’t want to miss include: The Colosseum which is a little under two thousand years old, The Pantheon which is nearly two thousand years old, the Sistine Chapel which has the famous ceiling painted by Michelangelo, Trevi Fountain which is a spectacle of Roman opulence and splendour, and literally thousands of other historic attractions that would take a lifetime to explore.

The Acropolis in Athens

Athens is, and has been the centre of Greek civilisation for the past 4000 years. With a combination of narrow cobbled streets, modern office blocks, and a wide variety of restaurants, nightclubs and beaches, Athens has a lot to offer any visitor.

The Acropolis is located on top of a rocky outcrop in the old city. It is home to a number of ancient structures including: The Parthenon, the Old Temple of Athena, the Sanctuary of Zeus Polieus, the Temple of Athena Nike and many more. In the 4th century BC, it was Pericles, the Greek statesman and General of Athens who over-saw the construction of the citadel’s most important structures.

Avignon – Take a tour of the City of Popes 

Marseille in southern France was founded by the Phoenicians in 600 B.C.E. and is well known for its beautiful beaches, charismatic squares, and markets.

Roughly 100km by road from Marseille, you will find Avignon, the City of Popes. It was so named because it was the seat of the Catholic Popes from 1309 until 1377 and remained under Papal rule until 1791. Arrange a tour of the city and visit the Gothic palaces, fortresses and secret chambers, and discover the daily lives of the Pope’s who lived here some 700 years ago.

Santorini – Explore this ancient island and search for Atlantis

Santorini is what it is today because of an enormous volcanic eruption in the 16th century B.C.E. This natural phenomenon shaped the islands steep cliffs and rugged landscape. Many people claim it was also the cause of the disappearance of the Lost City of Atlantis.

 One of the many theories that claim to know the location of the lost city of Atlantis is based on evidence surrounding the volcanic eruption that broke up the island of Santorini in the 16th century BC. In the 1970’s a throne was examined using a radio carbon method to discover its age. It was concluded that the throne may have been from around the period of the great eruption. Many events in the bible and writings of famous philosophers such as Plato have been examined, and found to coincide with the breaking up of Santorini, and the possible disappearance of a magnificent city on the island.

The wonder and beauty of the Mediterranean waits to be discovered and these amazing shore excursions are just the tip of the iceberg of experiences waiting for you. So contact your Cruiseabout consultant today to find out more about what you can expect on a cruise to the Mediterranean! 

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