What to expect from a world cruise

world cruise

What to expect from a world cruise

30 October 2018

What better way to see the world than aboard an exciting cruise liner? Sail the seven seas, relax on board and experience all the culture and adventure at every port. Going on a big adventure like this may be a bit daunting for some. There are plenty of things to think about and plans to be made. We’ve answered your most pressing questions on what to expect on a world cruise.

How long does a world cruise take?

Since you’re going to be exploring ports across the world, you can expect a cruise to last quite a while. The exact number of days are determined by the cruise line you choose though. Most cruises are three to four months long, however some cruises offer shorter itineraries too.

When do we set sail?

Traditionally, world cruises start in January, which is known as world cruise season. However, some cruise liners now offer other cruising options, some leaving in the middle of the year or later.

Is it very expensive?

Every cruise line is different, but the more luxurious you go, the higher the prices are likely to be. The good news is that there are often plenty of incentives and discounts for those who book ahead. Some ships offer cruiseline credit included in the deal, along with beverage and excursion packages. Most dining is already included in the price. Find out what’s included in your cruise to avoid any unexpected costs. Some offers on board may be too tempting to pass up, so budget for a few extra indulgences should you choose to splash out.

How do I know if I’ll like it?

World cruises aren’t for everyone. While some people love long journeys with plenty of relaxing between activities, others want all-out action at every turn. It’s important to remember that there will be a fair amount of downtime, spending many days at sea between ports. If you’re impatient and prone to getting bored, perhaps a shorter trip would suit you best.

Which cabin type should I choose?

Cabin types are usually influenced by your travel budget. When it comes to a world cruise though, it pays to spend a bit more on getting the most spacious and luxurious room you can afford. You’ll be spending a lot of time on board, and it’s best to make sure you have a comfortable cabin where you can relax and spend some alone time.

What is there to do on board?

Most cruise liners go out of their way to provide an array of entertainment to keep cruisers amused. Formal gala dinners, fancy dress parties, live performances, karaoke nights, cinemas, cooking classes and much more, are all on offer. The majority of cruise ships also feature well-equipped gyms, fitness classes, spas, swimming pools, and even water parks to make every day exciting and varied.

How much time will I spend at sea?

This depends on your itinerary. But you can expect a number of days at sea between ports. During this time, you’ll need to make the most of all the on-board entertainment and activities to pass the time. You’re also likely to make some good friends during your trip, so you'll have plenty of company along the way. Before booking your cruise, be sure to check how many days you’ll spend at sea so you know what to expect.

What should I pack?

Packing for a world cruise takes a fair amount of planning. You’ll need outfits for every occasion, including formal outfits, options for cold and hot climates, active and adventure wear, casual clothing and even fancy dress. Fortunately, world cruise liners have laundry facilities, which will allow you to get more wear out of your clothing and cut down on how much you have to pack. If you take any chronic medication, ensure that you have enough to last your entire trip. You’re likely to bring along electronics such as laptops, cameras and smart devices, make sure you bring all the chargers for them too.

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