What is Le Boat cruiseline all about?

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What is Le Boat cruiseline all about?

22 October 2018

Le Boat is the foremost provider of unforgettable boating holidays on Europe and Canada's scenic inland waterways. With an impressive fleet of self-driven cruisers, Le Boat offers an extensive range of fantastic destinations for travel groups of every kind.


What Le Boat is all about

Le Boat has been the leading self-drive boating company for 50 years. Their impeccable standards of service, expertise and facilities remain unmatched to this day. Le Boat follows the belief that holidays shouldn’t be rushed. So whether you’re on a short 3-day break or going on a longer sojourn, there’s always time to stop and enjoy the enjoy the beauty of each destination along the way.

A holiday aboard Le Boat is perfectly tailored to your cruising style. From adventure-filled family escapes to romantic journeys at a leisurely pace, there’s an option to suit every preference and budget.


Why cruise with Le Boat

Le Boat offers guests the freedom to be the captain of their own boat. Go wherever you please, stop at any destination that intrigues you, and cruise at your very own pace. No boating licence is required. Before setting sail, the highly experienced crew provides an informative demonstration explaining precisely how to operate the boat for smooth sailing all the way.


What you can expect from Le Boat

Le Boat owns and operates the largest and most sophisticated fleet of self-drive cruisers on Europe and Canada's waterways. All their boats feature comfortable cabins, hot-water showers, dining tables and well-equipped kitchens. Cruisers are free to manage their own itineraries, meals and activities. Or they can take advantage of the guides’ services to provide everything from bicycle hire and groceries to a number of other extras for a hassle-free cruising experience.


Most popular destinations withLe Boat

Le Boat operates across 18 European countries and Canada. Explore beautiful lakes, rivers and canals, stopping at quaint villages and exciting cities along the way. Savour gourmet cuisine and fine wines in Burgundy. Explore the scenic waterways of Amsterdam. Cruise through placid lakes and Germany's vibrant capital. And traverse the expansive Rideau Canal in Canada, with plenty of opportunities for outdoor adventure and cultural encounters at every turn.

Put on your captain’s hat and book your incredible cruise aboard Le Boat here.

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