What To Pack For your First Cruise

Posted March 31st, 2014
1.Suitable clothing
The dress code is generally pretty laid back, but there may be an evening or two where formal attire is required. Also check with your specific cruise line about the most comfortable clothing to pack for your destinations, and keep in mind some ports you visit may have cultural restrictions on dress.
Although shampoo and soap is provided; before you pack, run through the personal routine you do every morning or evening. Have you packed everything you would normally use?
Whichever destinations you’ll be visiting, you’ll need sunscreen, possibly a hat or cap and sunglasses.
If you have the space in your suitcase, squeeze in a few coat hangers and other such handy storage items. Storage is limited in most cabins, so make the most of your available space.
5.Power adaptors
The type of power sockets on board will depend on the country of origin of your ship. Double check and make sure you have the corresponding adapters, plugs and multi plug boards. 
6.Batteries and chargers
Don’t forget to pack batteries and chargers for things like cell phones, cameras, toothbrushes etc. Rather bring them with you and buy an extra cocktail instead of purchasing them on-board.
7.Medications/First aid kit
Any traveller will tell you to remember your prescriptions and other medication you may need while on board. Bring a little more than required to last your entire journey. A first aid kit is always a handy addition to any traveller’s luggage.
8.Camera and/or binoculars
Memories will certainly be made on your cruise and they’ll be ones you won’t want to forget. So bring a camera and capture your future memories. If you’ve got them, bring a pair of binoculars, there’ll certainly be land marks and possibly wildlife you’ll want to watch as you sail by.
9.Day Packs
A small back pack or beach bag will be extremely handy for carrying around your daily essentials, such as wallets, cameras, water bottles, trinkets and knick knacks you may pick up.
10.Travel Essentials
Without these items, you may just have a very short holiday, and remember to ensure they’re always in a safe place: cruise tickets, passports, your airplane tickets, keys, wallet, and mobile phone (activated to international roaming). It is a good idea to bring print outs of your cruise ship luggage tags to make the embarkation process quicker.
Most importantly, bring a fun, happy attitude. You’re on this holiday to enjoy yourself, so now you’ve got everything packed you have nothing else to worry about, just leave the rest to us.

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