Which cruise ship cabin will be right for me?

Posted October 6th, 2014

Going on a cruise is a wonderful way to spend a holiday with the family, a group of friends, your partner, or even on your own. With so many activities and things to do on board the ship, and with the ports that you’ll visit, there won’t be a lot of time spent in the cabin. That is unless you have one of the executive suites, in which case you will probably make time to enjoy the comfort and luxury. Choosing the right cabin for you depends on your budget, preferences in cabin size and amenities, and possibly the length of your cruise. Basically there are 4 broad categories to start selecting your cabin from. Your cabin options include inside, outside, balcony, and suites.

Other things to consider when selecting your cabin include whether or not you get sea sick easily, how far or near you would prefer your cabin to be from the sun deck and pools or bars and restaurants, and of course if you are going to be booking for an entire family or just you and your partner.

The location of your room could possibly make or break your holiday. Certain rooms that are close to the night-time entertainment or pools may be subject to noise, which could keep you awake at night. The other thing to think about is that the ship is most stable in the middle lower levels. So if you’re worried about sea sickness, this is where you should aim to book your room.

The Inside Cabins

The inside cabins have no windows and are situated on an indoor corridor. These are great for those cruisers who are on a bit of a budget and essentially you won’t be spending all that much time in the cabin anyway. They are usually quite basic, but comfortable and have everything you will need for your cruise holiday. If however you would like a view or think you may want to use your cabin to escape the crowds every now and then, perhaps you should consider the outside or balcony suites.

The Outside Cabins

The outside cabins on cruise ships are usually very similar to the inside cabins, except they have a window with a view of the ocean. Window sizes vary of course, but at least you have a bit of a view from your cabin.

The Balcony Cabins

The balcony cabins on a cruise ship have a small balcony accessible through a sliding door. The balcony is usually big enough for 2 chairs and a table. This can be a welcome addition to your cabin as it allows you to step outside and enjoy your morning coffee with the sea breeze in your face and with just the ocean as your company..

The Suites

Although there are different sized suites available depending on which cruise liner you’re on, they all have balconies and usually have a lounge area as well. The suites are luxurious and are the premier cabins on any cruise liner. They provide the perfect home away from home during your cruise holiday. In order to make the most of your cruise, do your homework when selecting your cabin. Location, size, amenities and pricing are all the essential ideas to consider when going on a cruise holiday. Speak to your Cruiseabout consultant about your needs, wants and expectations and they will gladly assist in selecting the right cabin for you.

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