This is why exploring the Far East on a cruise is the best way to go!

Posted September 20th, 2016

To make the most of visiting a destination, it’s always best to immerse yourself in the cultures, move around as much as possible and see and do as much as you can. This is especially true for the diversity and wide range of fabulous attractions that are on offer in destinations like Thailand, Bali, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam. What better way to take in all of the sights and sounds of these exquisite holiday destinations than in the luxury of a cruise ship?

Far East Destinations

Cruising to Malaysia

Malaysia is a diversely rich cultural destination with spectacular rainforests, warm, golden beaches, historical and colonial buildings, contemporary sky scrapers, and a vast array of religious temples. From Singapore to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia is an ideal cruise destination.

Thailand cruises

Experience the bustling city streets of a typical Asian city like Bangkok, with its tall modern buildings surrounding ancient temples and river markets. Thailand is a fascinating place to visit with its manic city streets, far-removed perfect beaches, islands, and delicious Thai cuisine. 


Vietnam is becoming one of the ‘hot spots’ for visitors to the far east. With its spectacular rivers, bustling cities and delightfully healthy and fresh cuisine with an intriguing history, Vietnam is a must see destination on your next cruise to the far off shores of Asia.

Indonesia – a cruise holiday of a lifetime

Indonesia is a large collection of islands in Southeast Asia. The capital, Jakarta is situated on the northern west side of the Island of Java. A sprawling, modern city, Jakarta is mix of Chinese, Javanese, Malay, Indian and European cultures. Although Jakarta is an interesting place to visit, Bali is the place to go if you want to experience true Indonesian cultures and lifestyles. If possible, head out of the main towns, explore the coastline and see what Indonesian gems you can find!

Advantages of cruising the Far East

Cruise about offers cruise holidays to the Far East with some of the world’s best cruise lines like Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises. What this means for you is that you will arrive on-board, unpack your suitcase, and immediately be able to unwind, relax and enjoy yourself fully for the duration of your cruise. Take in the sites, enjoy the ever changing scenery and explore the Far East in style, comfort, and with everything pre-arranged for you.

You’ll be waking up in a new place just about every day, being able to step out of your comfortable room and into a new world without the hassle of catching trains, planes, buses or taxis, or moving to a new hotel in a new city. So if you want to find out more about why a cruise to the Far East is the best way to explore this spectacular destination, call your Cruiseabout Consultant today! 

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