Why spring is the perfect season to cruise the Mediterranean

Posted October 6th, 2017

A cruise in the Mediterranean is a must-do any time of the year – with the sapphire waters of Croatia, the white and blue buildings of Santorini, the romance of Italy and the charm of the French Riviera. However, if you’re looking for the perfect season for your Mediterranean voyage, look no further than spring!

Understandably, summer is the season that draws the largest crowds in the Mediterranean. School holidays mean the shores are teeming with families and the warm weather brings throngs of tourists to soak up the sun before returning home to a colder climate.

On the other hand, spring temperatures are comfortable with warm days and pleasant nights. The flowers are in full bloom and the landscape is lush, making it the ideal season to explore the jewels of the Mediterranean. The crowds are also far less, so you won’t have to fight your way through them to see all the historical sites at each port.

The best Mediterranean ports to visit in spring include:


Best known for being the home of the world-famous Film Festival, Cannes draws more than just celebrities to its shores. With its glamourous reputation and palm-lined boulevards, Cannes is a must-see along the French Riviera. Expect private beaches, marinas of luxury yachts, and a mild Mediterranean climate all year round. May is rumoured to be the perfect season for sunbathing so remember to pack your hat and sunscreen!


Embrace the spirit of La Dolce Vita (the good life) when you arrive at Civitavecchia port in Rome. With its rich history, ancient buildings, inspiring architecture and vivacious energy, you’ll wish you had a few more days in this Mediterranean gem. Grab a cone of delicious gelato as you explore the Vatican City, St. Peter's Basilica, the Colosseum, and the Pantheon. Walk in the footsteps of gladiators; Julius Caesar and Cleopatra as you discover the now bustling city streets. In the evening, you can retreat to a café in a quiet piazza and get your fill of mouth-watering pasta.


A charming seaside city with inspiring architecture and a lively night scene, Barcelona is one of the most vibrant cities in the Mediterranean. Walk along the famous Las Ramblas while browsing the stalls lined with fresh produce and flowers, before sitting down to enjoy a refreshing glass of sangria.


Built on 118 islands in the Adriatic Sea, Venice is a magical floating city in the Mediterranean, connected only by canals and foot bridges. As authentic as the Eiffel Tower to Paris, so is the gondola to Venice so don’t miss your chance to experience this unique mode of transport that has been in operation for over 10 centuries.


Coupled with the fact that spring is the perfect season to set sail, a Mediterranean voyage to the Greek Islands is always a good idea. Sail past the white-washed houses with cobalt-blue doors of Santorini. Dance the night away in the party capital of Mykonos while overlooking the aquamarine sea below. It’s a Mediterranean paradise waiting to be discovered.


The second largest city in France after Paris, Marseille is a dynamic and multi-ethnic city with a colourful heritage that spans over 1500 years. You will love the bustling harbour and vibrant energy that this cosmopolitan city has to offer, speckled with old pathways and glistening ocean views.


Spring is the perfect season to explore Split in Croatia, as the summer months are too hot and too crowded. The largest town in Dalmatia, Split is a busy Mediterranean city with friendly locals who are waiting to welcome you to their seafront cafés, bars and stalls. Discover the ancient alleyways of the city before treating your taste buds to local favourites such as beef stew with gnocchi, or stuffed bell peppers with mashed meat balls in a tomato sauce.

Palma de Mallorca

Said to be the best port to explore on foot, Palma de Mallorca is a major port city and the capital of Spain's Balearic Islands. With architecture that fuses Gothic, Moorish and Renaissance styles; Palma’s winding streets house many ancient secrets. Discover the grand churches, castles and hidden courtyards before heading down to the clear waters of the sun-kissed beach.

If you haven’t already, add a spring cruise in the Mediterranean to your bucket list.

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