The World's Top Ten Cruise Destinations

Posted April 13th, 2015

Take a quick trip around the world with us as we take a brief look at each of the world’s top ten cruise ports. From Miami to The Bahamas, and Venice back to Texas, these ports are some of the best in the world for popularity, experience and overall fantastic cruising. 

1.Miami, Florida - The Cruise Capital of the World

Recently Miami broke the world record for having processed 4.8 million cruise passengers at its port in 2014. Clearly Miami is a place to visit if you’re heading off on a cruise. And the reason it’s so popular? It has some of the world’s most fantastic tourist beaches, a nightlife that is truly spectacular and you have the chance to mix it up with supermodels and celebrities. Miami is the entertainment and beach capital of the cruising world. 

2.Fort Lauderdale, Florida The Venice of America

Number two on the list of the world’s top ten cruise destinations is Fort Lauderdale, and this place is geared up for the cruising visitor. Not only are there amazing restaurants to visit, but there are numerous attractions and activities for the whole family, including riverboat tours, sport fishing, nature centres, museums and theme parks. 

3.Port Canaveral, Florida – Your Family Port of Choice

Although this port is only sitting at number 3 on the top-ten list, it certainly isn’t from a lack of being a spectacular place to visit. Disneyland and other major theme parks are just a stone throw away, and the incredible warm water beaches are literally a hop, skip and a jump from where your ship docks. Not only that, but you have access to some of the most beautiful ocean wildlife like turtles and dolphins, that you can visit and swim with. Of course the top attraction for this port has to be the Kennedy Space Centre which is world famous and a place you definitely need to visit. 

4.Barcelona Spain - The Spanish Med Says it All

Barcelona is a city of inspiring proportions and has beautiful Mediterranean restaurants, fantastic, unique architecture and beaches that stretch on for miles. By visiting Barcelona, not only are you experiencing the heart of the Mediterranean, but the soul of Spain as well. This port is so popular because of the endless attractions, sights and sounds that epitomise the Spanish and Mediterranean way of life. 

5.Civitavecchia, Italy - Your Gateway to Rome 

Cruising to Italy, you’re more than likely going to visit this quaint, yet bustling port. It’s the gateway to Rome and all of the splendour that Italy has to offer. Although there are plenty of historical attractions and beautiful country drives and villages to visit near the port, Civitavecchia is only about 80km from the city of Rome, which naturally is high on the list of must-see destinations for visitors to this port. 

6.Nassau Bahamas - Your Ultimate Island Port

When people say the word, ‘Bahamas,’ what comes to your mind? More than likely you start thinking about white sandy beaches, drinking rum cocktails out of a coconut and scuba diving or snorkelling in crystal clear water which is teaming with ocean wildlife. If so, you wouldn’t be far off. Some of the top attractions include, Blue Lagoon Island, Cable Beach and the Daiquiri Shack. 

7.Cozumel Mexico - Dip your toes in the white sand

This Caribbean island just off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula is an island paradise! The main attractions that will keep you wanting more include, diving, snorkelling, laying your toes in the white sand, and eating spectacular Mexican cuisine. There are numerous other activities to enjoy like boat tours, national parks and deep sea fishing excursions. 

8.Venice Italy - The Romance & Culture

This city of canals and waterways will capture your heart. Famous for its network of canals and gondolas, Venice is a city comprising of 117 islands connected by waterways and bridges. There’s no doubt that you’ll want to take a Gondola ride and relax, as you slowly make your way through this historic and fascinating city. When you’re finished soaking up the ambience of Venetian life, it’s time to try out some of the unique Venetian cuisine as you overlook the canals, while the moon gently rises above the rooftops. 

9.Southampton England - An English Cultural Port 

Known as the cruise capital of Europe, Southampton is a typical modern English port city. It has activities for the whole family, from museums and music venues to art galleries and great shopping facilities. Wander the streets and soak up the history and ambience of this famous and ancient English port city. 

10.Galveston Texas – An Island of Exploration

Galveston Texas is number ten on the list and offers its visitors some exciting activities and wonderful experiences. You can’t come to Texas and not go horse riding, so saddle up and get the family together for a fantastic ride on the beach. Other activities include exploring the island by paddle boat, visiting the natural wonders the island has to offer, and checking out the theme park with rides for everyone. If you want to just take it easy, you can take a leisurely stroll along the islands ocean-side walkway or sit and watch the bird life frolicking in the sea as the sun goes down.

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