Le Boat Boating

Le Boat is one of the premier boating holiday companies in Europe. They offer self-drive cruises along a variety of waterways and canals in nine countries across Europe, and there is also a Canadian service coming soon. You can be the captain of your own boat, travelling at your own pace, surrounded by only your closest family and friends. With no experience necessary, this is definitely one of the most exciting ways to travel through Europe.  

What Le Boat holiday Cruises are all about

Le Boat provides the widest and largest range of canal boats in Europe. All of the boats are well maintained, and offer guests the opportunity to hop aboard, and set sail on their own with minimal effort. You can rest easy knowing that there is always backup support along the way, as you cruise along the spectacular waterways of Europe, stopping and starting as you please.

Why cruise with Le Boat

After a briefing and demonstration, you can unpack your bags, and settle into your new home on the water. Explore the breath-taking countryside of Europe with all of its charm and inviting villages and towns along the way. With Le Boat, you do it your way in your own time. Whether you want an affordable holiday filled with special family moments, or you’re looking to get away with friends, this is the way to do it! 

What you can expect from a Le Boat cruise      

From the outset, you can look forward to professional and friendly service with a wide selection of well-maintained boats for you to choose from. Set off on your chosen route provided by Le Boat, and explore the beauty of Europe’s amazing lakes, river, canals and towns along the way. Stop off and pick up some of the local produce for dinner, tour the villages on a bicycle, or picnic beneath a spectacular weeping willow on the banks of a canal. Most of all, you can expect the freedom to come and go as you please.

Most popular destinations with Le Boat

Slowly wind your way through the south of France, stopping for fresh baguettes and coffee for breakfast, wind your way along the River Thames in the UK and pop in for a pint at the local pub, or hike in the Scottish Highlands before continuing your journey along the Caledonian Canal. Explore the water-locked city of Venice, the lush, green landscapes of Ireland, or the ancient towns of Belgium. Make your way through crystal clear lakes and past ancient timber-framed villages in Germany, or moor your boat in Holland and cycle around the fields filled with tulips and windmills. It’s all up to you, from start to finish!

Discover the freedom of being able to cruise when and how you want to. Take your family and friends along and enjoy the special moments waiting to be created on a Le Boat cruise of Europe. Speak to your Cruiseabout Consultant today to find out more.