Europe & Baltic

Taking a cruise around the Baltics and the northern parts of Europe is possibly the best way to see and explore the most fascinating attractions in this part of the world. European treasures of nature, history, culture and food await you on your next cruise holiday.

Baltic Cruise Destinations

A cruise to the Baltics will take you on a journey to lands of immense natural beauty, with pristine cities, fascinating cultural heritage and mythological and historical sights and stories. Norway’s Fjords and its Norse mythology will captivate your imagination, while Copenhagen’s rich history of the Vikings and its castles will thrill you to the core. St. Petersburg’s cultural significance and history during the Cold War, Sweden’s beautiful architecture and Finland’s dream like city of Helsinki all provide the perfect backdrop to a cruise holiday of fascinating experiences and wonderful memories.

Northern European Cruise Destinations                               

Explore the northern parts of the United Kingdom and sink a Guinness in Ireland or savour the taste of a traditional scotch in Scotland after a day of exploring the beautiful cities and natural landscapes. While in the southern parts, Southampton in England is a traditional English port town with a long history of international maritime participation for you to discover.

Hopping across the channel to the country of baguettes and fine wines, in France you’ll sip on some the world’s finest as you watch the fisherman enter the harbour after a long day at sea. The ports of La Coruna and Vigo offer visitors the best of Spain. In Coruna, check out the Tower of Hercules Lighthouse and Coruna Old town. If you cruise to or from Vigo, you’ll love the beaches and seafood, which this city is famous for.

On a Northern European cruise you’ll love the fascinating canals and culture of Amsterdam with its outlying fields of tulips and windmills. Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany, and is right at Europe’s heart-centre, providing spectacular European architecture, especially in the Aldstadt.  The coastal resort of Zeebrugge in Belgium has one of the widest beaches in the country and offers waterfront cabins, and a wonderful maritime theme park for the whole family to enjoy.

Cruise Seasons for Northern Europe

So you’ve decided that visiting this fascinating part of the world is a cruise adventure you would like to embark on. If that’s the case, you’ll be cruising any time between April and September, as this is the warmest and most forgiving time of the year as far as the weather is concerned.

If you’re looking for a cruise holiday with a difference and the chance to explore Europe and Baltic destinations with castles, fjords, magnificent museums and natural wonders, this is probably it. The sights and attractions you’ll discover would otherwise only be realised in your wildest dreams, so contact your Cruiseabout consultant today to discuss your exciting options.