South America

The continent of South America is physically as diverse as the cultures and people who live on it. With the Patagonian glaciers, the mesmerising Andes mountain range, the beautiful sun-kissed beaches and the Inca ruins. South America is a destination that will thrill and satisfy your nagging urge for travelling to a destination that offers that little bit extra.

Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

If you enjoy long days on perfect sandy beaches with sand between your toes and warm water kissing your sun drenched body, followed by the perfect night out of festivities, dancing and loads of fun, Rio de Janeiro is the place for you. If you’re cruising to Rio during February, you’ll be in for a real treat, as this is the month of the famous Rio Carnival.

Buenos Aires - Argentina

The capital of Argentina is busy and bustling with loads to do. It is known for its European vibe and energetic night life where you can find plenty of clubs to try out some tango dancing. Check out the 16th century Plaza de Mayo for its history, and Florida Street for incredible shopping.

Valparaiso – Chile

As you near the port of Valparaiso, you’ll be astounded by the bright colours on the horizon. Many of the buildings are vibrantly decorated, providing a picturesque view of this beautiful South American port. Known for its artistic atmosphere, downtown Valparaiso offers charismatic colonial architecture, delicious seafood restaurants and great shopping.

If you are looking for a cruise that sticks a little closer to the warmer climate of the equator, you’ll probably cruise from Fort Lauderdale, San Juan, Bridgetown, Rio de Janeiro or Buenos Aires. However if you’re excited about rounding Cape Horn, you’ll take a boat cruise from Valparaiso, Buenos Aires or Rio de Janeiro. So speak to your Cruiseabout consultant to help you decide on the best cruise holiday for you.